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How to Have Neat Handwriting

Updated on December 24, 2012
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson's handwriting. Do you like it?
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson's handwriting. Do you like it? | Source

Neat handwriting is something that we all want, but sadly, it is not something that we all have. Having neat handwriting is not something that someone is born with (I wish!), or something that has to do with personality. Sometimes handwriting can show your personality, but that is not how it becomes neat. If you want your handwriting to be neat, you need time, lots of practice, and commitment.

Pick a Style You Like

Different people have different ideas about what handwriting has to look like to be neat. You should use your own judgement, after all, it is your handwriting that you are improving! Some of us probably like our handwriting style when we are writing slowly, or you may not like your current handwriting style at all! If you do not like your handwriting style, I would recommend looking at websites such as and download a few that you like. The link for that website is located at the bottom of the article.

Then open up Microsoft Word, and type out the alphabet in capitals and in lowercase. You should have them in a size a few points higher than your average handwriting. Do this for a few of the fonts that you like, then print out the page. After printing it out, you now have a tracing sheet!

With my tracing sheet, I would place a sheet of paper on top of it, and then trace over the faint lines that can be seen under the sheet you are using. Do this a few times, until you have a faint idea of the font as a whole, the capitals and the lowercase ones.

I created my handwriting style by combining a few different fonts. You can do the same if you wish. Some fonts were not ideal for regular handwriting because they had little tails at the top and bottom of the letters. I eliminated those tails when I copied that font.


Practice Writing with It

After you have chosen a style that you really like, you need to practice writing with it! I brought mine to school with me, and in spare time I would trace over the letters for practice. I also would try to use that handwriting in homework, and occasionally in my notes. This helped me memorize how the letters were formed.

Time Yourself

Now that you have memorized the handwriting, you should be trying to improve the speed of which you write in that "font". Grab a book, then find a small-sized page for you to write. Then write the whole page as neatly as you can on another sheet of paper while timing yourself. Record the time, then try it again, just a little big faster to beat your old time. Some people find this beneficial because they then have the ability to write neatly while doing notes in class. After you reach a point when you think you write pretty fast, you have officially learned the handwriting (according to me, at least)!

Additional Notes

  • Make sure you have the right pencil! When I write, I usually use a pencil that is very thick at the end. Usually a 0.9 for mechanical pencils, but I can use a 0.7 as well. Different people write neat with different thicknesses. I cannot write very neatly with a thin pencil, like a 0.5, but that is just me! If you profit from using a certain size of pencil, you should probably buy a few of that size!
  • Remember it might be a while for you to memorize and be able to write the handwriting quickly! Just be patient, and watch your handwriting improve before your eyes!
  • I hope this helped you while you try to improve your handwriting! These methods worked for me, and I hope they work for you!


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A sample handwriting sheet I made
A sample handwriting sheet I made


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