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The Quiet Daisy

Updated on August 23, 2012

The Quiet Daisy

She doesn’t know she’s the flower to the seed

As much as I’ve said and as much as I read

But there’ exists a calico

That brushes the shins of where to go

To siege the little prophecy

That exists between you and me

About rushing in and rushing out

Of an ocean sucking the sand’s snout

Which means more than one universe contains and frees

Because the other one’s a brother to thee

And this exacts a kind of rigidness

In the thoughts that we usually dismiss

I am you and you are me

She is one and two and three

It’s a delightful affair to know where you’re going

If the winter is crumbling on the verge of snowing

On the path you sought to make difference

To the bright in yourselves’ diffidence

Concerning what’s right in a world of pain

Where what you reap can be insane

In the hands of others who have you pegged

As a mighty force that needs be negged

Because jealousy flies like the kernels of truth

Gnawed like the bones in a lion’s youth

She must understand as much as me

That there’s no right or wrong when we can’t see—

The rainbow of flavors in One’s tea

Just try and stop with regard and understand

You can’t catch the souls we reprimand.

-Mike Head (8/23/12)


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