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The Quiet Man, A tale of Reassurance

Updated on February 2, 2017

There was once a quiet man, his actions were louder than words,

Then there were the boisterous ones, followers came by the herds.

Thoughtful thinkers, the reserved and calm, followed the quiet man,

While the careless and loud, heads in a cloud, did not understand.

The loudmouthed fellas thought they knew it all, did laugh out loud a lot,

They made the fast decisions, a big mistake, most every deal was shot.

The quiet one gave each decision much thought, carefully planned all out,

He never showed his hand too soon, played it just right, without a doubt.

When the big shot lost, his crowd got small, he could never figure it out,

He was too busy admiring himself, to get his attention they had to shout.

The quiet man never missed a call, he paid attention to every fine detail,

His assistants admired and respected his lead, as away his career did sail.

The quiet one watched over the town by night, gave his best by the day,

Each citizen felt so secure in their homes, never from their town to stray.

When the foolish one lost his professional job, he regretted to be so lax,

The best example for good men to follow, a quiet man thinks, then he acts.


all rights reserved and under copyright law 2017



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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 12 months ago from United States

      Thank you so much bravewarrior and blessings to you and family. whonu

    • bravewarrior profile image

      Shauna L Bowling 12 months ago from Central Florida

      Well said, my friend. I love the flow if this one, not to mention the message!

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 13 months ago from United States

      We all so honor the Quiet Man and who truly represents us all. Blessings. whonu

    • Michael-Milec profile image

      Michael-Milec 13 months ago

      Though fully understood, much is revealed between the lines;

      The Quiet Man's acts live, goes on.

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 13 months ago from United States

      Thanks, Vellur and hope many others read this. Blessings. whonu

    • Vellur profile image

      Nithya Venkat 13 months ago from Dubai

      A valuable lesson in your poem, well expressed.