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The Raid

Updated on April 7, 2009


The Raid: Agent 1001 on Duty

My heart beat tremendously fast. My legs sensed extremely numb. I wanted to give myself a break, take a deep breath, or maybe rest for a while. But I over valued my life so I kept pushing myself into the end of the gloomy and deserted forest. I was running in the never-ending dark forest, where all the beasts lurked in the dark. Alone, or was I? I heard their footsteps chasing mine in the dark so fast that it made my heart jump in the air.

“Don’t breathe so loud”, I told myself. From the dark shade that covered the branchy trees that slapped my face not once, not twice, but endlessly, and from the moonlight that shined, I predicted that it was past mid-night. The sounds came closer (I knew they were heavily armed), and I pushed myself to go faster and further. “You still have quarter of a mile! You have to make it! They are depending on you!”

I was lost. The trees seemed alike. I took a second to listen, and check if my pursuers were still following me. It seemed they gave up but was not safe- not yet at least-. I took a chance, stopped, turned backwards, and took a deep breath. “Now I can find my way back to the warehouse. But where was I? I has gone astray in now where. In a dark damp forest I had no clue on how to contact the agency. I kept running, passing trees, and searching for a way out. And the same scenario repeated itself over and over again.

“Where are they? How am I supposed to contact the agency? For hours I lay in the dark thinking. I knew I had to keep on moving because I wasn’t safe. I never will be. I started off again, and two minutes later I reached a cross road. I sighed in relief but my mission wasn’t accomplished.

I thought for quite a long time. “Where there are people, there are public phones.” I ran searching like a maniac for any public phone that would save me life from getting eradicated. I checked for any of my pursuers then head to the nearest phone. I dug into my pockets deeper and deeper search for a penny or two. “Agents don’t carry pennies. Please god this is a life death situation, life is at stake here, and if I don’t get this microfilm to the FBI the world we know might face eternal destruction.” I was lucky that my prayers were rapidly answered; fortunately I found a penny, inserted it and dialed my secret code.

          The receptionist said, “The number you are dialing is out of rage please redial or check the zip code you entered. I knew immediately what to do next. I pressed my secret code extremely fast (126 393 294 345). The voice on the phone changed. I was welcomed by a more pleasant tone. It voice announced: “Welcome to Langley branch of the FBI please indentify yourself.

“I am Agent 1001, secret code Rainbow lockdown. I am the commander in chief of the anti-terrorist sector in Florida.” The voice answered; “Welcome agent I will connect you to your department. Please be patient.”

Three seconds later, the voice on the phone changed and introduced himself;    “Agent 1001 this is FBI commander of all departments Jeff Dolton at your service. Please activate your GPS found in your watch and we will come with our nearest and finest teams to your help and nullify the situation.”

I activated my GPS tracker and gave them instructions how to plan the attack, where to enter from, and recommended containment.  The commander notified me that there was a safe storehouse nearby that will help me prepare for the raid. I head to that location carefully following his instructions There I was greeted by my teammates in the anti-terrorist raid team. They were waiting for me and one said, “Man we thought those terrorist tortured you to death after your cover has been blown. But it is good you escaped and achieve your infiltration mission and get the evidence we need!”

The commander contacted one of my fellow teammates and stated that the raid is up but since we were the nearest to the building where nuclear weapons were being illegally manufactured, we had to infiltrate the section and disinfect it from any possible resistance before they approach the building by helicopters.

The team gathered around me. Based on the information that I collected we planned diverse strategies: first invade the warehouse and then neutralize any resistance if found. We decided to split up into two teams: Alpha team was responsible of neutralizing the guards and the resistance which was lead by my close friend Mark Jason and beta team lead by me was supposed to reacquire the nuclear weapons from their hold and neutralize the sector until the CDC-team reaches.

The plan worked though some of us were injured but thank God no one died. We were able to retrieve the nuclear bombs, deliver the micro film to the agency and rid the world again from evil and terrorist attacks. I was happy again to be with my teammates safe and sound but my job will never end. My next assignment was in Moscow and I had no idea what obstacles would face me there. The thought makes me feel worried.


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