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The Railroaders (The Old West)

Updated on June 11, 2017

The Railroaders

Time Life Books Inc, 1973-01-01. Imitation Leather. Very Good/No jacket. 240 pages. Illustrated in colour and in monochrome.

Author Keith Wheeler

Five of the twenty-seven books from the Old West series are written by Keith Wheeler. He is also the author of a number of other popular publications, including: Education for a Sustainable Future: A Paradigm of Hope for the 21st Century.

Time-Life Books - "The Old West" (Commercial Offer, 1980)

One of My Favourites

All of the time life books are worth reading but this book enjoyed n particularly. I was intrigued every time another barrier stood in the railroaders way and as I was reading I often thought of the 2011 series I recently binge watched Hell on Wheels. The amount of corruption associated with the finances given to the Central Pacific and Union Pacific by the U.S government during the building the first transcontinental railroad is astonishing. In the 1850's The Great Basin Desert and beyond California was referred to as the "The Far West”, then the transcontinental railroad changed all that and fused the nation together.


The book begins with the statement (Page 6): "As late as the 1850s, the notion that a Bostonian could soon buy a railroad ticket to California and be there within a week seemed as remote as the fantasies of Jules Verne."

The Reno

The Paper Trail

The entire U.S. government's federal budget for the first year of the Civil War was less than the cost to finance the transcontinental railway. Thats a ton of cash and corruption was a serious problem in the new world.

The Brotherhood of Railroad


After starting off by telling us about the financing, politics and the building of the transcontinental railroad, the book continues by explain how the new connection changed the lives of Americans. Railroaders goes into great detail about the stories of the lives of the people who worked on the railroads, at the top and on the track. There are many illustrations that reflect the the mood and the work of the era and gives you a taste of the life of the railroads in the late 1800s.

Have you read this book and if you had did you enjoy it as much as I have?

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