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The Rain (Poetry by GalaxyRat)

Updated on June 22, 2017
GalaxyRat profile image

GalaxyRat is fond of rats and writing. And dark poetry. She knows that people don't like all these things together... but who cares?

I cannot read.

I cannot write,

I cannot lead,

I cannot speak.

I eat out of a food bowl on the floor,

It's full of something sour,

I wish I could have more,

Because hunger still grips me.

I go out to the yard during the day,

And droplets icy and cold hit me from the sky,

it must be rain.

Why won't they allow me back into the house?

Oh, wait, someone is coming to the door,

I can see him from my tree,

Something is trailing behind him on the floor,

It is silver and it is glowing.

He comes forward, he's a teen,

I back away,

Because his face is contorted and mean,

And his voice sounds sharp.

I can do nothing, only whimper and stare,

What have I done wrong?

I know what he will do before he leaves me there,

And he comes closer.

A kid he is, nothing but a kid,

But I know a whip means trouble.

He is nothing but a kid!

Still he walks towards me.

And now, hours later I lay on the ground,

Maimed and slowly dying,

I'm a pile of fur, just a small, fluffy mound,

But, still, this kid found it in him,

to leave me on the ground.

© 2017 GalaxyRat


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    • GalaxyRat profile image

      GalaxyRat 6 months ago from The Crazy Rat Lady's House

      Thanks Tamara! It's one of my longer poems, as you may notice. Thanks for reading.

    • profile image

      Tamara Moore 7 months ago

      You evoke strong emotion and depth in your poetry, Galaxy. Though I do enjoy writing about happy things, I find myself going back to the darker poetry at times, in order to reveal certain things that might seem more preferable to not think about. But, I feel a desire to see these truths told as a way of being a voice for others who might not be able to have a voice. Others find offense with darker poetry, at times, but I still feel the need to be that voice. You do a great job with this!

    • GalaxyRat profile image

      GalaxyRat 7 months ago from The Crazy Rat Lady's House

      ;( Awesome poem, made me tear up.

    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 7 months ago from Texas

      As I read your words

      Tears filled my eyes

      I saw my little boy

      I heard his pitiful cries

      It hurt so much my tears mingled with his cries

      I cradle him close and hear his sighs

      My little boy is safe and brought inside

      It still it hurts that someone else's little one has died

    • GalaxyRat profile image

      GalaxyRat 7 months ago from The Crazy Rat Lady's House

      Thanks John!

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 7 months ago from Queensland Australia

      So sad, so very sad. A poem that makes the reader feel strong emotion is a success. This is that! Well done, Galaxy.