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The Rainbow Fmily Muse

Updated on March 4, 2017
Rainbowmuse profile image

The Rainbow Family Muse shares experiences of a family on the spectrum and the challenges faced, the triumphs and moments of joy.

Make Way For Play

I swing on the chair
I fiddle with my hair
Chew my lips
Play with zips

You say sit still
But it's against my will
Needing to move
To process the video

Learning to me
Is a real hard deal
Not natural to sit still
It's against my will

I twiddle
I fiddle
I giggle
I wiggle

I learn better that way
Don't stand in my way
Let me play
Get out of my way

I run, I sing
I swing and spin
Learning is fun this way
On the move able to groove
Learning all the way

Sat at a desk, makes me ill
To hold it in
To conform to be still
Simply destroys my creativity

I am a child ready to play
Why do you stand in my way
With all this perceived conformity
Helps me learn today
Simply let me play my way.

I am a child with energy
I want to learn
But not your way
Let me move
Let me learn my way

If you let me simply be
Then I will surprise ye
My potential will be revealed to thee
By my creativity and ingenuity

So let me play
Let me move
Get out of my way
Get ready to move

Make way
For the new generation
Who will change the world
With a new energy

© 2017 Georgina Robertson


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