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The Rapture Of Love's Seed.

Updated on November 23, 2009

The rapture of Love's seed.©-MFB III

Said entrance is often Cesarean

and at other times, 

a tiny bit of joy bursts 

through the flesh portal

where life was initially stabbed with

a spear of flesh bleeding white. 

thus a pink, blinking, awe struck bundle

of sweetness, emerges in

a liquid rupture of rapture

holding fluids of both tears,
and weeping placenta that

marks the journey of a most

perfect miniature replica of humankind,

only purer and unblemished by time and hate,

this gurgling, cooing and trusting babe 

has eyes like hypnotic magnets,

to the new mother as their

depth draws her into 

a dream that she could never imagine 

without that few pounds of cherished weight 

draped gently cross her arm

and heart forevermore


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