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The Reaper Comes Calling

Updated on July 10, 2013

With this big old house looming above me

My thoughts drifting away, my eyes become heavy

I’m startled awake by a sound akin to a shaking tree

Oddly it seems to be coming from directly above me

Rising from the couch I head upstairs to investigate

Everyone is sleeping as the hour has grown very late

Louder and louder; I feel the speed of my heart rate

Abruptly it stops; I freeze, feeling near a panic state

Standing near the top of the stairs my heart seems so loud

Perhaps it was my imagination creating that sound

A new sound emerges now emitting from the ground

Turning ever so slowly, fear emanates from what I’ve found

A bodiless hand stretches out from the wall

Terror surges through me, not knowing at all

What it is I was seeing,

suddenly feeling so small



With no one to call

Who would believe me?

They’d put me away

My eyes widen as it seems now to be moving this way

This couldn’t be happening not to me, not today

The hands ghostly skin seems ashen and grey

My feet, they won’t move, they’re glued to this stair

Closer now, no fear in my life could ever compare

So very close.

I close my eyes tight, it’s time to prepare

Death is coming I fear.

My heart fills with despair

Silently anticipating

Fortitude dissipating

It must be right here

So filled with fear

I open my eyes and to my delight

The devilish hand is nowhere in sight

My heart slows back to a normal pace

Time to move right out of this place

Walk down the stairs to gather my wife

Would she believe this horrible story of strife?

She would have to believe me!

She really just had to

I came face to face with what that hand was attached to

My heart sticks in my throat as I scream way out loud

An ominous ghoul encased in a dense black cloud

Reaching out for me coming too fast

This panicking breath was surely my last

Screaming in terror as ripped and it tore

In horror I watched as my blood covered the floor

Cast to the shadows, this ghoul now my kin

Such a terrible price I’ve paid for my sin

Eternally searching for the sinful brood

Taking a life is what brightens my mood

So if in the corner you sense a darkening hue

Be wary of your sin, I may be coming . . .

.....................FOR YOU!!!!!!!


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