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Velvet Carlyle's Revenge, Chapter One

Updated on September 8, 2013
Velvet Carlyle is ONE woman that no smart person would want to mess with.   To do so would ensure quite INFERNAL consequences.
Velvet Carlyle is ONE woman that no smart person would want to mess with. To do so would ensure quite INFERNAL consequences.

Velvet Carlyle and Her Infernal Pact

[Please note that this story was posted by me, gmwilliams, under the title, The Reckoning, on xomba. com on August 23, 2010 at 4:22 a.m. However, when updated their post, they lost this article. Fortunately, I copied it in my files. I originated this story and it has a new title and will be reedited to correct grammatical errors and to have a freer flowing style. Thank you.]

November 1st, 2004 was an unusually crisp autumn day. Velvet Carlyle had just waken up in her duplex in New York City's West Village. She was wearing a black diaphanous nightgown. She descended the staris of her bedroom towards the kitchen to have breakfast which consisted of tuna tartare garnished with wasabi topped with egg yolk to be washed down with green tea.

Velvet was reading THE WALL STREET JOURNAL and THE VILLAGE VOICE while sipping green tea. After she finished breakfast, she subsequently took a leisurely lavender scented bubble bath and started to proceed to work. Her job was not the usual nine-to-five job. Her primary job was being a dominatrix. She catered to clientele which included wealthy professionals-a well renowned plastic surgeon, a multimillionaire investment banker, and an international movie mogul.

Velvet loved her work and performed it well which made her a multimillionaire. Despite her multimillionaire status, she lived the lifestyle of an upper class woman. She shrewdly invested her money into computer companies and hedge funds which made her even wealthier. In addition to her dominatrix job, she was also a coowner of an arcane sex shop on New York City's East Village. Besides her astute business acument, she was extremely well versed in necromancy and other occult arts.

Velvet was of Junosque stature and had a cherbuic appearance. Her thigh-length light ash platinum blonde hair was worn in a severe bun. Her complexion was pale alabaster white with no pink undertones. She had an upturned pug nose and voluptuous lips. Her voice had a babyish, Monroesue timbre which added to her overall appearance. However, her eyes belied her cherubic appearance.

Velvet's favorite colors were dark charcoal and jet black. Her fashion style was an amalgam of Goth, minimalist, and 19th century period. She loved to wear long, flowing skirts in textures and materials such as brocade, lace, velvet, wool, linen, cashmere, and leather, She was a Capricorn with her Moon and Ascendant signs in Scorpio. Her intense and formidable personality was evident both in her business and personal lives.

Velvet loved to dominate people intellectually, emotionally, and sexually to the point of crushing their wills. She also was physically abusive to her lovers of both sexes. Part of her sexual play consisted of whiipping her lovers until they bled, subsequently making love to them. She viewed sex as an instrument of power play, not love.

Velvet was intellectually astute and voracious in her search for knowledge. She speaks eleven languages fluently including Swahili, Urdu, Tagalog, Mandarin Chinee, Japanese, German, and Romany. She holds three Doctorate Degrees in Business Administration with a concentration in Economics, Abnornal Psychology, and Anthropology. Her favorite places to travel are Fiji, the Bahia section of Brazil, and New Orleans, Louisiana. Anne Rice is her favorite author.

Velvet's familial background was diametrically opposite to that of her current persona. She was born Mary Louann McAlister into an extremely impoverished, Pentecostal family in a small backwater Kentucky town in 1960. Her nickname was Marylou. She was the eighth of fifteen children(ten girls and five boys). Her parents were fanatically religious, illiterate, and punitive.

Marylou and her fourteen sibings were always told by their parents that they were poor white trash who would never amount to anything. She was further told that she was always going to be poor and not to hav high and lofty goals. Her mother indocrinated her that se was for procreation and to have as many children as "God sends you." Marylou reported that her parents never had discussions with her and her siblings when they did anything wrong. Their parents frequently use whippings with a leather belit to keep the children in line.

Marylou's parents never worked, living on public assistance. Her elementary schooling consisted of being in a one-room schoolhouse. When Marylou was 8 years old, she and her sister, Verna, 18, left that small backwater Kentucky town in late summer of 1968. They vowed never to return. They were tired of being poor and wanted to better themselves.

Marylou and Verna went west to Las Vegas, Nevada. Verna subsequently found work as a dancer on the Las Vegas Strip. Verna worked while she obtained a GED, subsequently attending college at nght. She ultimately earned a Masters Degree in Business Administration and became a very successful entrepeneur. All the while, Verna took care of Marylou until she attended Yale University on a full scholarship.

Marylou was in New York City in mid-1979 on spring break vacation from Yale. As she was walkling from 59th Street and First Avenue towards 49th Street and Second Avenue, a tall, suave dark blond gentleman with a Hungarian accent approached her. He introduced himself as Imre Kovats. He explained that he was a high fashion photographer who specialized in nudes and S&M. He further remarked how beautiful Marylou was, asking if she was interested in becoming a model. Initially, Marylou was hesitant, explaining that she needed extra money and was looking for a temporary typist job which was the reason she was in New York City. Imre then explalined to Marylou that as a model, her salary would be twenty times that of a typist. She decided to accept the offer.

The next day, Marylou went to Imre's duplex apartment on 73rd Street and East End Avenue. When she rang the bell, a muscular Black/Thai butler greeted her at the door, escorted her to the living room and instructing her to sit down. The apartment seemed forbidden and cold. The butler attempted to serve her steak tartare garnished with very pungent horseradish and red onion on rye toast with champagne. Marylou initially declined the appetizer, stating that she wanted just plain ham and eggs. Imre then appeared, demuring that she was a sophisticated woman and that ham and eggs were plebian food for the hoi polloi. She decided to sample the garnished steak tartare with champagne, discovering that she liked it. After she finished eating, Imre took her to his bedroom which was decorated in black velvet and sable with gargoyle statues and a human skull.

Marylou studied the bedroom carefully, sensuously touching the lush black velvet bedspread. Even the bedroom walls were black. In a glass class situated at the extreme left side of the bedroom, there was an enormous dark charcoal snake slithering around. She became fascinated with the snake and went to the cage, making hissing sounds and flicking her tongue. Imre abruptly snatched her away from the cage. He informed Marylou that the snake was a black mamba which was highly venomous.

Marylou then walked sinuously twoards the bed and started to disrobe. She was totally nude. Imre then went to the teak drawer and took out a black lace bra and panty set. She put the ensemble on and laid seductively on the bed. He then instructed her to sit in the chair which was adjacent to the bed. He called Irina, a plump Ukrainian make up artist in her sixties to apply makeup to Marylou.

First, Irina combed Marylou's light ash platinum blonde hair, putting it in a chignon. Then she applied a dark brown eyeshadow to make Marylou's eyes appear smoky and menacing. She appplied a red gel to Marylou's round cheekbones and finshed off her looks with a blackish red lipgloss. He then placed a silver encrusted black onyx choker on Marylou's neck, instructing her to lay on the bed. He proceededto take ten pictures of Marylou in various seductive poses a la Helmut Newton.

When the photo session was finished, Imre indicated to Marylou that he wanted to be her lover However, Marylou informed him that she already had a lover, a senior at Yale University. Imre told her that her present lover was a boy and he was a man. She adamantly told Imre that she was uninterested in being his lover.

When spring break was over, Marylou returned to Yale, double majoring in Economics and Anthropology. She graduated from Yale magna cum laude, deciding to return to New York City as a permanent resident. She made the round in Wall Street, subsequently obtaining a position as a financial analyst and securing an apartment on 72nd Street and Riverside Drive. She loved the sophisticated Upper West Side neighborhood with its bookstores and elegant restaurants. Within a span of three years, she was promoted to Vice President at her Wall Street firm, earning in the low seven figures. However, she began to tire of the position even though it was presitgious and had perks. She wanted an independent and creative career.

© 2011 Grace Marguerite Williams


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