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The Refuge in Glass

Updated on July 21, 2012
Distorted View
Distorted View
The Siren
The Siren

(Freedom, something to be venerated, is hardly ever given its due. The one who is trapped in a prison of superior comforts never tastes happiness. Instead he always dreams of his contentment that comes only by being relieved of captivity. There is no greater ecsatsy than the lure of freedom. With time though, the captive is forced to find happiness in his hated confinement. Yet, his heart relentlessly dreams of greener pastures of independence).

The rotund glass distorts my view,

Shocked eyes boxed in a demure face

Staring in awe as luxuries abound

In a curved glass cell, clean and chaste.

The pebbles are smoother, the sand softer

The air of life pumps around,

Yet lost, I watch that faint image

Of loneliness painted, of virtue trapped

In this prison of homely hues.

The mighty sea roars down the sill,

Upon which the bowl ominously sits

Reflecting bits of gold by dawn,

Drowning jadedly in latent dusk

Why I ponder oft in pain,

The rumbling waves croon a siren’s song?

When all I desire suffocates the space

Of rapt solace in this haven of clarity

In this stagnant pool of restraint.

I fantasize of the moment the bowl tills

Or breaks and tumbles down

To the chasm of warmth, to my own home

To the straining gush of wind and wave.

The only shatter, though, I hear echoed

Is the fragments of fantasy falling fast

To the depths of distress I’ve secreted afar

Within my heart that treacherously beats

In this lonely pool of fancies.

I resign to a fate of living too long

Of grudgingly striving to do without

The worries that haunt my thoughts

The dreams that taunt my soul

Of salvation never to be, of freedom never to feel.

I lodge myself in the chains of capture

Yet my mind never relents, never gives up

Hoping foolishly of happier tomorrows

In this pale imitation of my truer self.


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    • silverstararrow profile image

      silverstararrow 5 years ago from India

      Thank you, Mhatter for stopping by. Your remark, as always, is appreciated.

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco

      Well thought out. congratulations