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King Herod was an Edomite. Who was the Father of the Edomites?

Updated on March 12, 2013

Historic Moments SERIES

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Ok, I have to admit it, even though I am strictly a No Religion kind of guy. I am, or should I say WAS a Seer. I came from a long line of Seers, and just because I invented the Religion of No Religion does not mean that I did not have psychic powers and the like. Anyway, i am writing this story of my life. Jerusalem, or what they will call Jerusalem is below me. I am in the Mountains of Edom hiding this book in a "Mayonnaise Jar on the Front Porch of Funk & Wagnalls". (to quote Ed McMahon and Johnny Carson). Ok, I will stop with the kidding. I put it in a jar because it is so controversial. Eventually, it will be "protected" in the Herodian temple in Jerusalem. (Herod was one of my grandchildren. Proud of the boy.) Then at the destruction of Jerusalem, the Romans take it to Rome, and then through the centuries it evades being thrown away and ends up in The Vatican, and Tom Hanks gives my book to Christofer, through neither an Angel or a Demon, who is now revealing it to the world.

The Autobiography of Ed -

They call me Esau or Edom. But you can call me Ed. I invented the Religion of No Religion. Let me be confusing so I can later be clear. This Religion of No Religion is the Religion of Just Me and You, as long as you believe in Just Me. Much more later.

You see today, millions of people believe in my Religion - This Religiion of No Religion. No, its not Atheism. Atheism is the Belief in No God. This is the Belief in Just Me. But back in my day....Back in my day, its all Polys and Monos. Mostly Polys. The Polys (polytheism) and the Monos (monotheism). Whoever was not a Poly or a Mono kept his personal beliefs to himself. Until I came along. I made it cool to be Believe in Just Me.

Saksby, Jake, Ed and Abe -

You see I was a rich man's trustfunder. I was in line to get this gigantic inheritance. Me and my rads (comrades) would go on drinking fests and live off the fat of the land. My grandfather Abe (Abraham) and my Father Saksby (Isaac) had done a great job of building up what could be called a "mobile empire". They were special because they were wealthy and had the high tech ability to wage war on the run, build large herds and even hit the sails if they had to, to wander around. They were called the Hebrews, or Habiru, because they were "wanderers". That was a compliment, not a put down. They could move in to your territory and exert themselves. (Kind of like the American Navy. Wake up some morning with a Nimitz class carrier off shore)

All These Guys are Monos -

So Abe and Saksby and Jake (Oh yeah, Jake (Jacob) is the main protaganist here. Although he is my Antagonist). These guys were all Monos and tedious!?! Making sacrifices all the time to this Unseen. They had only one Unseen, but they were still tedious, because they thought their ONE Unseen was above all of the Unseens of the Polys. So, feeling naturally superior, wealthy, and self-righteous they caused a continual cramp in my style. I WAS THE OLDEST SON, and according to their own rules, I was supposed to get everything of Saksby's when he kicked off. But NOOOOOOH! Jake was always trying to outrighteous me. And believe me, it was not hard to outrighteous me.

Multitudes of Unseens -

So here was my take. I lived in a world of all these religious types who worshipped all kinds of Unseens. Well, I call them Unseens because that's what they are. Regardless of your religious point of view, the whole world was governed by the Beliefs in these Unseens. The Polys made "idols" but that was because they had such a large cast of characters. Still, they were a part of the whole cavalcade of Unseens. Me and my rads looked around and just pinched ourselves and said, "Look, if you didn't believe in these Unseens, what have you got? You've got humans and animals. Food and water. Industry and Agriculture, groups of ethnics, tribes, kingdoms and cultures, which are all just bigger more complicated versions of Humans and Food and entertaining ourselves between meals and love making and marrying and burying each other. If you just look at this whole thing in a particular economic context, its all very simple. One of my children of the future will come up with a great way to explain it.

Dialectical Materialism -

From Wikipedia comes this delightful explanation: "Dialectical materialism originates from two major aspects of Marx's philosophy. One is his transformation of idealistic understanding of dialectics by Hegel, into a materialist one, an act commonly said to have "put Hegel's dialectics back on its feet". The other is his core idea that "the history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles" as stated in 1848's Communist Manifesto.

Materialism is based in the conviction that all phenomena that can be explained through natural means. Some aspects of Marxism are informed by the philosophy of Hegel. According to materialism, matter is the total explanation for space, nature, man, psychism, human intelligence, and every other aspect of existence. Marxism assigns the task of knowing all truth to science. If science can get to know everything about matter, then it can get to know about everything. Conclusively, matter is accepted as the beginning and ending of all reality. Matter's sovereignty in determining the course of nature is a vital part of Marxist thought and what separates dialectical materialism from the Hegelian method of dialectical idealism."

Of course this is deep to explain because nobody talks about it openly. Its the secret out there in the open, the elephant and the cow in the middle of the village square. "Matter is the beginning and ending of all reality." They say these guys came up with it, but they just made it sound philosophical and astute. Actually, lots of people came up with it in the past. I was the one to proudly declare it. "There ain't no Unseens. Its Food and Us and getting the food in us." I used to say it like that especially when I was hungover, had low blood sugar and needed a nice bunch of beans for breakfast.

How It Really Went Down -

All of my Rads and I were out on long binges and travelling and my brother Jake is brewing up this great meal in his tent. So, to make a long story short, I was living on my Just Me Religion and was just a little short of change and food. Well, obviously under my philosophy, I went to the bro and the Pop to get some more draw down on my funds, and darn it, I was hungry. People say I sold my birhright for a bowl of soup. That is a very unevolved way of comprehending what was occurring at that historical moment in time.

I hated the Monos and the Unseen talk. It was all a bunch of Hooie. I mean with their Religion people had to suffer. Why do people have to suffer? I mean why do people have to come up with a Rationale for Suffering? Why not just solve people's economic troubles, give them a good meal and tell them to go home and be happy? And what is this thing called "Struggle"? Why struggle for years and years to build something bigger and newer? Innovation is a crock. All we need is food and clothing and a nice place to sleep. Working for 7 years for your father-in-law to be? What kind of a contract is that? Oh, Abe and Saksby and Jake they were a trio. I was the only one with any brains. What I bring to the table, along with my big hunger, is BRAINS. I can see everything that is going on and I can come up with an explanation for it that is not based on some silly NOTION of an Unseen. Sure, I traded my birthright for a nice breakfast, but what it was really all about is breaking their rules. I did not think I would be held to that! I mean a contract is not a big deal. I mean with no Unseen, who is the authority behind the contract? Do you see what I mean?

The Doctrine of the Religion of No Religion -

A couple hundred years BC, My people blended in with Jake's people and "pretended to convert", but we kept our agenda. Then, when the Romans came along, we stepped up to be the "in betweeners" - the liaisons, as it were between the strident, nationalistic, self-righteous, zealous Jews and the implacable Romans. We were dialectical materialists MAN! We said, we will deal with these guys and take control, and get back that long lost birhright. Herod had my religion in his very senew; and if truth be known, I was lost to lore and legend, but he still probably resented me. The Edomites were in a spot up there in the rugged mountains, but they made the best of it. Oh well. Once you don't believe in the Unseen, you have to believe in Something. For me the Something was Just Me, and the Edomites had to believe in themselves, (I guess that was my real practical legacy).

One thing that people don't get, which is why I am writing this book is that PEOPLE STILL BELIEVE even if you take away the THING they believe in. I understood this because I saw when my Rads were dissolute and hung over and miserable; that they got all mushy and depressed and had these "existential crises". It sickened me, but it taught me much. People are GOING TO BELIEVE IN SOMETHING. Its just the way we are. Don't ask me to explain that part. I know, we are alone down here, and the Unseen does not openly talk to us, so we have this deep loneliness. So, I thought it over and said. "No matter how much you say you don't believe in this or that, there is something you will always believe in no matter how much you do not want to confess that. THIS IS A PROBLEM.

The Question to The Answer - Just How Many People Did Mao Kill?

The Religion of No Religion is the Religion of "Just Me" and You, as long as You believe in "Just Me". The real thing that this religion takes is the belief in the RADS. You have to have the Rads or it just will not work. People will go off in all directions. When you take away the Unseen, you have to replace it with the Power of the Rads. "Collectivism" is an almost not so quite harmful sounding phrase. I like that phrase. Do not even ask how many millions of people Mao Tse Tung killed. Do not even ask. (But check it on the Web) You have to get a group of Rads when you take away the Power of the Unseen from the people. In my religion, you go to the comrades and tell them to join or die. This gets their attention fast. And you make sure that these people hate the upper classes. It gives them a natural angst to pursue. It's not that the rads are evil, its just that you take away everything from them, and give them a little back. It works quite well as a religion that is no religion. So that's the key part of the confusing defintion ..."and You, as long as you believe in Just Me..." The "Just Me and You" is the Rads (Comrades). If it works right, they can get a glorious inspiring feeling as they kill. Just like the feelings that you get in church.

As The World Turns -

You know the Destruction of Jerusalem was an earth-shaking event. Not only did it fulfill a prophecy of Christ's, but it sent Judaism on its way, from Edifices, and intellectualized it; it made young Christianity a child of the Roman Road and it sent my Edomite people up into what would eventually become Russia. It's my opinion that no one understands the "bowl of pottage" story. I just wanted to straighten that out with my new suddenly revealed book. After a few decades of analyzing the book, maybe they will realize what was really being said about me back there, and how I fit into the future. I am tired of the Big Three. Maybe I get some "street cred for representing" what really ended up happening to the world. It looks to me like I won. In my way of looking at things. What do you thnk?

One of my kids ended up inventing the RED party around the turn of the Twentieth Century in Russia. That is what my name means -- EDOM MEANS RED. Kind of ironic huh? That's what I say to myself late at night. "Ed is red, and Ed ain't dead."


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    • Christofers Flow profile image

      Christofer French 5 years ago from Denver

      Thanks for the time you took to leave this comment.

    • Sagittarius 2012 profile image

      Sagittarius 2012 5 years ago from Canada

      Christofer, the Esau story from the Bible, made me also a non sectarian believer. 

      History and archeological excavations indicate that Esau is the same person as Egyptian Osiris and Sumerian  Lipit-Esthar, bringers of our civilization.

      Jews in general hate Esau, and have created all kinds of lies about him; however, so they do about Jesus also.

      If you read Genesis and apply Christian values to Esau, you will find out that he represents the image of Christ. 

      In the archeological records of Summer, Esau is mentioned as Lipit-Ishtar, son in law of Ishme-Dagan (Ishmael). 

      He was the fifth king of the First Dynasty of Isin. 

      Esau instigated legal and economic reform trough his "Code of Lipit-Ishtar".

      "Esau / Lipit-Ishtar drafted a formal legal code for Summer and Akkad in 1930 B.C., which precedes the famous Low Code of Hammurabi a couple centuries later.

      His Code was the first legal code to deal substantially with the inheritance of children of plural wives, including slaves wives.

      It was also the fist to allow daughters to inherit from fathers. 

      It opened a window on social development of the period, including the first legal provision for child support."

      Esau was niter Jew nor Israelite; as his younger brother Jacob was ancestor of  all Tribes of Israel, including the Jews (Tribe of Judah), Esau was ancestor not only of Edomites, but also of people called Gentiles or Nations, which includes Minoans, Greeks, ancient Arabs, Romans and several more nations, bringers of our civilization.

      Esau  had four wives:

      two Hittite wives - Judith and Ada,

       one Egyptian wife - Basemath also called Malahet,

      and one Hurrian - wife, Oholibama.

      Those women become Ancestral Mothers of famous nations of the past.

      With his first wife Judith, Esau had two daughters, Puzith and Marzith; Esau gave them as a wives to the Hurian  children of Seir.  

      As a daughters of Esau/Edom, Marzith and Puzith became Ancestral Mothers of Edomites.

      Ada, the second Hittite wife of Esau, bore to Esau his firstborn son Eliphaz, she become Ancestral Mother of famous in the past people of Ad.

      Basemath, granddaughter of Abraham by his firstborn son Ishmael, (after her mother she was Egyptian), bore to Esau one son, his name was Reul (friend of God). 

      Basemath was the Ancestral Mother of Ishmaelite's; 

      Reul was the grandfather of Job, and Job married Dinah, daughter of Arabus, grandson of Belus; she became Ancestral Mother of Ancient Arabs.

      With his fourth wife Oholibama, of the children of Seir, Esau/Edom had three sons, Jalam, Jeush and Korah; they were the fathers of Dukes of Edom. And this is why Seir became Edom/Idumea.

      And there is much more to tell about Esau and Edom, like:

      - Timna, the first Duke of Edom, daughter of Jeush.

      - Job, the second king of Edom, author and protagonist of  the Book of Job.

      - Jethro, priest of Edom who taught Moses the law.

      - Essenes, the descendants of Esau.

      - Herod the Great, the best king Jews ever had

      - Escape of Christians / Idumeans to Pella

      - Edomite / Byzantine Empire,

      and the story goes on...

    • Christofers Flow profile image

      Christofer French 5 years ago from Denver

      I do not claim to be not religious. I claim to be nonsectarian. This was not intended to be historical. It was intended to be provocative and make people think about what I am implying. It is written in its "off the wall" quality to keep people in a nonacademic mindset. If you would like to tell me who the descendants are, I would love to read what you write.

    • Sagittarius 2012 profile image

      Sagittarius 2012 5 years ago from Canada

      It is strange if you claim to be not religious; because this hub's ideas sounds very religious, but they don't have much to do with history.

      Do you want to know who in fact was Esau / Edom, and who are his descendants?

    • John Sarkis profile image

      John Sarkis 6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Excellent hub, very well written.