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The Reminiscing Inner Child

Updated on March 9, 2014


Sleeping soundly in bed

Lyrics fill my head and carry me away back to a place in time

I appear as a child laying in a pink row boat

out in the back yard that I use to lay in and be mellow

flocks of birds flew over head to a near by creek

This beautiful sacred place Boby Dr.

The sky's were beautiful pink back than

and there was an old 70's radio facing out the window of the house

In my sleep seeing my self in that time I try to make out the lyrics of the

music that is playing

It plays over and over again in my head

The song goes like this:

"And all of the things that I said that I wanted

Come rushing by in my head when I'm with you

14 joys and a will to be merry

And all of the things that we say are very

Sentimental gentle wind

Blowing through my life again"

and the lyrics play over and over

and the moment felt very peaceful and heavenly

So heavenly that I did not want to wake up

When I finally woke up

the lyrics was still there

I struggled to make out all what the lyrics were saying

It sounds like its saying sentimental gentle wind

and so I type those lyrics into youtube

I see a record cover that says "Sentimental Lady"

I click on it and listen

and I'm like Oh my God that's the song

I have not heard this song in years

Listening to it felt like a dream and felt peaceful


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    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 3 years ago from England

      Thats amazing! its funny how our minds do this kind of stuff, bring back old memories, stories or songs, I do wonder why sometimes, wonderful!