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The Resurgence

Updated on August 15, 2017

The Resurgence...

My time has come.

A century long eclipse shifts and my light reigns,

Awakened by the smell of singed flesh from a disobedient cigar burn,

I am alive and free,

My presence out from the darkness swells the tide,

I remain. still.. patient...

as with outstretched arms I embrace all four corners.

My time has come.

From the hands of righteous Blue I'm released,

Tearing through the flesh of the innocent,

Voraciously justified by the sanctimonious hands of impartiality.

I am victorious .

My time has come.

My flag waves high casting shadows of fear amongst the frail,

The unworthy,

The un-pure,

Undeniable no more as this once barren womb pulsates to the rhythm of defiance.

My time has come.

Inescapable my erotic sweet succulence entraps all,

Captured souls recant my testimony behind the veil of anonymity,

I am the new litmus.

The new "Underground Railroad" traffics and relentlessly shares my bosom.

Yes you may suckle!

I exist to provide unquenchable sustenance.

To satiate, feed and offer my holy communion.

My time has come.

Closer,now, is the hand to midnight.


My beloved friend and secret weapon,

Tick tock as gentle breezes whisper me,

Willow trees flow preaching my sermon,

Beguiling with indefensible and plausible deniability.

My time has come.

After centuries of strategy,

I have taken the knights,

captured the rook,

toppled the king,

and NOW I have the last move!

I am here to win.

My time is here.

My time is now.

I AM..... The Resurgence


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