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A Skit: The Joys We Must Preserve.

Updated on March 15, 2014
fisherboy at the pond.
fisherboy at the pond.
I'm glad I'm a little red bug
I'm glad I'm a little red bug
Dolphin- dance
Dolphin- dance
Tarzan call
Tarzan call

The Riches of the Sea-bed

The Characters:

1. Turtles 2.Donald Duck.3.Crazy Frog.4.Red Bug. 5.Sea Gulls. 6.Dolphins.7.Star Fish/Mermaids.8.Oysters.9.Corals.

Narrators; A. Donald Duck and B. Crazy Frog.

Scene : At the Pond.

Music Played.There's a little white duck sailing in the water.

Scene-A few Lily plants. a fisher boy ,flower girls.

Duck comes waddling in...quack quack quack quack.....

splashes into the pond, jumps out and says 'I'm a little white duck, I'm glad I'm a little white duck, quack, quack, quack.

Music continues..

There's a little green frog...Crazy frog jumps in hopping all over and says I'm glad I'm a little green frog croak croak, croak..

There's a little red bug sitting near the water..

Red Bug enters and says I'm glad I'm a little red bug tsk,tsk, tsk.(all three ,the duck the frog and the bug dance.)

They speak to each other.

A.Its so much fun to share our joys and tears.

B.Croak, croak (nodding the head).

Turtle and Bug walk away.

A.Hey! Look, the Turtle is walking away.Music- ( Sea -shore...)

B. I guess he is not happy with the surface.He is trotting towards the sea -shore( music of sea- shore played).He's gonna take a dive in, to explore the riches of the sea- bed,let's follow him.

Curtain closes and re-opens. Back drop is the scene of the sea-shore.sea -weeds, sea-shells and ,sea -urchins.

Donald duck and crazy frog have reached the sea-shore.

A.Donald: Here we are !

B.(Crazy Frog):Where is our friend?

A Look! The whole gang! Don't they look gorgeous?He has brought in the whole gang.

B. Sure he has.Now look, he is not selfish like you.He wants to share his happiness with all of them.

A.They look so jubilant, they're about to express their joy.-Turtle dance.

Curtain closes .Narrators in front of the curtain;

A.Whew! That was splendid.

B.Now what? I hear the flapping of wings.

A.Guess what?The sea -gulls are streaming in.

B.Don't tell me they're too are gonna dance.

A. Certainly they will.

Sea-Gulls dance. Curtain close.


B.That was breathtaking.!

A. My lungs almost collapsed.(Utters sounds of Dolphin).

B.What's that? I hear Dolphenese.

A.That was me crazy frog.

B.Nah! I do hear them.

A. You're right. Dolphins enter.( Dolphin- Dance) Curtain closes.

B.That was cute!

A. I wish I could see the Mermaids.

B. Shall I give the Tarzan call? (hands cupped over the mouth) Ahhhaaaaaaaaa.....aahhh.

A. Let me try Donald quacks ..

B.(Frog tugs at Donald Duck)

A.Stop it crazy frog , you'll pull off my skin!

B.It worked!! Your Tarzan call.(Mermaids enter and dance).


:A. That was such a delight!

B.Donald just lift me up, I wanna see who's next.

A.They're them!(jumping around in excitement).

B. Who them?

A. Them..... them....., just slipped off my memory.

B. Describe them.

A. They give you pearls!

B.Oh! You mean the Oysters!

A. Quack , quack. (Oysters dance and curtain closes).

A. That was spine-chilling and he drops down .

B.What? Is your spine okay?

A. Quack, quack.( duck nods) and leads him home.


A. Let me whisper , (waddles up close to him and standing on his toes whispers in his

ears..then with a loud QUACK! QUACK!

B.(Crazy frog jumps up with fright).Its the corals now ... He jumps around in glee. (The Corals dance).

A . I sure 've enjoyed all of them quack, quack.

B.Its now our journey back home. Donald duck puts an arm around him.

A.Remember, always to be friendly and to share; it gives everyone great joy;It was great to know about the riches of the seabed.

B. Let's be careful not to destroy one another ,it ends our joy and music..( music ends) .

oyster- dance
oyster- dance
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    • olgakhumlo profile image

      olga khumlo 6 years ago from Mira Road Mumbai India

      Thank you James ,I appreciate your comment.God bless you and your family.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 6 years ago from Chicago

      You are a very creative person. Thank you for sharing your art with us.