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The Richo of Epistemology of the Rg Veda

Updated on April 15, 2016

The concrescent confluence of integrating information implodes into a conspansive infinity of densities of the self-referral called consciousness.

As I return from manifest into unmanifest, I feel Shakti being subsumed and dissolved into Shiva.

A digital duality code of Mantras and Sandhi coalescing into unity.

The Chhandhas, verbs and syllables of the syntactic Devata merging into the Rishi, the Seer.

The Hymns of the Vedas collapsing into fullness of the Akshara the immutable and the Bindu of AUM.

As sounds and pictorial values fade, the veil is lifted and Being unvealed.

Atma, the unmanifest reality of existence, unboundedness and singularity.

The digital code of Mantras and Sandhis, an uncreated creativity at work.

Rg Veda as the collapse of dynamism convoluting to a point, the dynamic silent unmanifest reality.

This self-reflexive hymn incorporating itself by reference (Rg Veda 1.164:39):

Richo Akshare Parame Vyoman Yasmin Deva Adhi Vishve Nishedhu Yastanna Veda Kim Richa Karishyati Ya It Tad Vidus Ta Ime Samaste

Rendering the Epistemology of Rg Veda as totality of pure and applied knowledge, the knower knowing the known, itself, by technological application of the knowing process a Technovedanta.



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