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The River By Michael Valdez

Updated on June 15, 2017

A trickle of a twisting rivulets,
twinkling serene sparkles,
splish-splash water born sprays,
whilst liquid tumbles over pebbles,
each eddy,
bubble up babbling bloops,
sploshing to bleep in blips.
The river snakes,
and grows,
faster washing hissing,
sloshing threshing torrent,
surface soundly swishing,
fisherman watching fish,
swimming amongst the swooshing,
pushing current towards,
a stately waterfall,
surprising arc forcing,
fierce fresh cascades,
astonishing rushing feverish,
frenzied freshwater flowing,
finally its accomplishment,
it its final act to,
rest in a slightly calmer,
sequence of drops swirling,
In a pool at the end.

June 10th 2017


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