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The River Tide

Updated on May 13, 2010

River Poems

Another Word of Explanation

During the years 2003 to 2008 Mrs Dags and myself work on the Hawkesbury River at Wisemans Ferry just to north west of Sydney. First we both worked as Ferry Masters for the vehicluar ferrys that cross the Hawkesbury river still at that location. On the 2/1/2005 we began our charter boat business called Leisure Lass River Cruises. Sadly, as a result of the global financial crisis our business sank, however the boats we owned are still floating although we no longer are the proud owners.

The following poems were written during the years we worked on the river and are the best examples of my earliest attempts at poetry.

The Tide

The tide runs in,

the tide runs out.

Never still

always moving about.

Carrying what?

carrying all!

The tide never stops

its rise and fall.

copyright H Morris 2004

The Crossing

River crossing.

Deep ‘n wide.

Carrying the punters

across the tide.

Get ‘em on ‘n

lock the gate.

Lift the flaps,

‘n lets go mate.

Lights are flashing.

Drive wheels turning.

Cables rising.

The ferry’s off!

River closed

for a moment.

Cables high.

Passage blocked!

Slow her down mate,

she weighs a lot

Get ready to land her

on that spot.

Stop ‘er mate!

Drop that flap

Open those gates

And get ‘em off

Get ‘em on now

Lock that gate

Lift those flaps now

Lets go..

Lets go mate!

River crossing.

Deep ‘n wide.

Carrying the punters

to the other side.

copyright H Morris 2006

The Ferry Drivers Dilema

We’re just the meat in the sandwich

As we travel from bank to bank.

Carrying the public over

The friendly, the sour, the “crank”.

We’re just the meat in the sandwich

It’s 50 degrees on the deck.

The air-conditioner’s non-existent,

But damn, does the RTA give a heck?

We’re just the meat in the sandwich

They expect us to always go back.

But some of the locals don’t give a stuff

If we’re fined or given the sack.

We’re just the meat in the sandwich

In the night it’s so cold in the cabin

But for all the 12 hours we’re on duty

We’re expected to keep smilin’ and wavin’!

We’re just the meat in the sandwich

With rules a-plenty supplied.

We’re instructed to make a safe roadway

Or WorkCover soon gets on our hide.

We’re just the meat in the sandwich

WE don’t make up all the rules

WE’RE caught in between all this kerfuffle

WE’RE just treated as fools!

We’re just the meat in the sandwich

Some people think they know better.

They’ve got “independent legal advice”?

And they think they’ve the last say in the matter!

We’re just the meat in the sandwich

It’s the Contractors who employ us, you know.

They don’t care much about us either,

That’s why so many of us go.

We’re just the meat in the sandwich

Who cares what WE think or feel?

We’re just the “bloody stupid drivers”

WE‘VE got the raw end in THIS deal!

copyright H&K Morris 2004


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    • dags the drover profile image

      dags the drover 7 years ago from still lost in Western Australia

      Thanks Attemped. I don't understnd poetry. Sometimes, I just get words and phrases come into my head that seem to somehow fit together and make sense to me at least. So thank you for reading and giving this old codger a smile. Cheers Dags

    • attemptedhumour profile image

      attemptedhumour 7 years ago from Australia

      They are timeless classics Dags. Shakespeare would be proud of you, as i am too. You are a good writer and should have more readers. Cheers