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The Rockaway Park Shuttle

Updated on April 22, 2015

It was a rather busy Tuesday morning. Heiden had a science test and extra English lessons today. Not to mention the lecture he was about to get when he arrived at school. He had almost set the computer lab on fire yesterday with a new invention he was trying out on his new program. He was able to hack into any military base he chose. Not only was it illegal, but if Principle Howard found out what he was doing, he would surely be grounded until he died.

Haiden got onto The Rockaway Park Shuttle, his train to school. His mom worked night shift so she never took him to school. He chose a quiet corner, plugged his earphones into his laptop and began surfing the net. He loved the sweet tunes of ACDC, his favourite band. He was so deepened into his search that he didn’t notice his fellow passengers suddenly fall to the floor. It was only as an old lady crunched up to him that he ripped his earphones out of his ears.

“What’s wrong lady?”

“There’s a bomb on the train!” she squeaked.

“A what?”

The lady didn’t answer. She huddled closer to Haiden as if seeking a protective shield.

“How do you know?”

Didn’t you hear the shots? There was some guy shouting for everyone to lie on the floor. He warned that there is a bomb on the bus!”

Haiden couldn’t believe his ears.

“Has anyone seen this man?” Haiden asked the people nearby.

They only shook their heads. He had obviously fired a shot and fell on the ground with the other passengers. It could be anybody! It was not long before they heard someone shouting.

“The train driver is dead!” Auto pilot is on! There is no one to send a distress signal! We are all going to die!”

The matter just got very serious. Haiden huddled close to the floor and felt his laptop near his bag. Without seeming to notice his mind formed a plan. He opened his laptop and logged onto his newly invented program. With just the right codes and passwords, he could just save them!

“Yes!” he pumped his fist in the air.

“What? What are you doing?” the old lady asked softly.

“I’m getting us out!”

“Via cyberspace?”

Haiden didn’t answer. He was in! He wrote the simple words on the database and pressed send.

Across the city, the bomb squad received a message on their database; Help Rockaway Shuttle. Bomb on train. Hooded man in section 5. Immediately, a special unit was dispatched. No one hed received any warning or distress signal so the culprit would still be on the train.

On Rockaway Shuttle, people were softly whimpering, too scared to move; scared they would be shot. Haiden was on the brink of closing his laptop when someone slapped it right out of his hands. It fell to the floor, in pieces. In front of him stood a hooded man, holding a gun to Haiden’s head.

“What you think you doing punk?”


“Get up!” The man pulled him up and held him close.

“You see!” he yelled. “You see what happens when you try to disobey me!”

He gave Haiden one punch that made his nose bleed. He threw Haiden to the floor, and pointed the gun toward some of the passengers. They yelped in fear.

“Shut up! No one move! I want everyone to give me their bank account numbers! As in now! And you, you come with me!”

He made Haiden sit on the floor, obeying orders. One after another the passengers were forced to give their account numbers to the hooded man. He transferred all their money straight into a foreign account. Haiden hoped and prayed that his message reached its destination.

Suddenly all the lights dimmed and then went out. All over the train, people screamed. There was a loud noise and a sudden crash tore through the train. It all happened so fast that neither Haiden nor the hooded man had time to move. There were flashing lights everywhere and a lot of shouting. It only took seconds for Haiden to realise what had just happened. A special forces team had broken through the roof of the train and caught the first person they saw with a gun. Everything else was a blur.

While everyone was escorted to safety, a man tapped Haiden on his shoulder.

“Young man, we tracked the message sent to us. It came from you. Do you mind explaining that?”

“I kinda hacked into your database…”

“Well, young man, with that illegal behaviour, you still are a hero.”

“I reacted on instinct.”

“Haiden!” his mother shouted. “Oh my dear boy.”

Tears streamed down her face. She ran to him and embraced him with all the had in her. After everything was sorted and the train was secured, Haiden and his mother were allowed to go home.

“You know, I did get a call from the principal today. He said that you nearly burnt down the school! Mind explaining?”

“It was not the whole school, it was the computer lab. And I was working on my hacking devise.”

“Well, in that case, you want some ice cream my hero?”


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    • profile image

      Lee Cloak 2 years ago

      Very clever, very exciting, a great read, very well done, thanks for sharing, voted up, Lee