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The Romance of Us

Updated on February 21, 2012

Maybe if I knew your place, then I would follow

Sifting in the compromise that you would then swallow

And when you speak with constitutions, I choose to regress

Than lack the subtlety in listening, a torture you will not address

You see these thoughts have began to confuse me

a tired emotion they simulate a warm sea

They move at this speed racing and releasing me from that person

contorting the images beyond your impression

And I can't, NOT understand that it was a thing of the past.

That had me entangled with our present, shadowed into a cast

It isn't anymore what it could have been

As it is what it was and what it became therein

No, I won't respond anymore to those misconceptions

Because it is no longer a part of my conception

And a part of what you couldn't seem to ever be.

Well, no, you. Couldn't. Be this person inside of me


It was another facet of me inside of you

That kept me pursing the craziness of "oh god what should I DO?!"

Bored, idle, with my hands working with the devil’s

I couldn't distinguish between the good and bad levels

Or was it that there was too much good in my CYNICAL bad

And I felt it was okay to subtract you, and the abstract add

Simplifying my simplicity WASN'T enough for TRUTH

I had to get your attention, just to fake

An orgasm or two

Is it ME right now? Or is it about YOU?

What is this craziness between us two
Have you lost that person you wanted to be?

Or is it just that you cannot see?

what keeps changing, what can't be done?

Tell yourself it won't always be fun, compromise and trade up your promises for one.

Just to keep going,

and going until


No this wasn't about love or the romance of us,

Nor a friendship

It was just



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