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The Root of Evil, Suffering...The Sociopaths/Narcissist Wrath Continues

Updated on October 22, 2014

The Aftermath: Dealing with Abuse...Drops of My Soul

Life is pain, Always drowning in the rain.

Left me so broken, I don't even feel sane.

Scattered... What ever mattered?

Fragmented pieces...

Detached, isolated, and alone further and further unraveling from within.


I lay here day after day.


My mind, the world has been too unkind.


In the drops of my soul pouring down my cheeks.

I know I am here for much more...

When did I become so weak?

Surely I struggle, but I will not surrender to defeat.

Missing the Truth

I miss a warm kind touch,

a genuine smile, eyes and heart.

I can see right through all your lines that don't ever come true!

Your words don't mean a thing... so cold, my dear we are reaching the end.

Wish there was a way to go back, and start fresh, just say this isn't so...

I don't think that's possible my love- the same way you already know.


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