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The Roses: A Sneak Peek

Updated on August 13, 2015
Cover designed by American author Andrea M. Mouser.
Cover designed by American author Andrea M. Mouser.

The Roses was released this May, which was national cystic fibrosis awareness month. It contains six short stories written by six different authors; Andrea M. Mouser, Alda Mørkøre Nielsdóttir, MaKayla Decker, Laney Smith, Laurie Stacey and Twyla Rose. These six authors had all worked together on another anthology called The Tenants Of Building 38, which raised money for The American Cancer Society. The Roses was written to raise money for cystic fibrosis, hence all the proceeds will be donated to The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, to help the search for a cure for this illness.

Below is an excerpt from one of the stories...

The Last Rose: A Sneak Peek

He blinked his eyes open and found himself staring at a clear, white ceiling. He was lying in a bed, but he didn’t know where. He tried to lift his head from the pillows to get a better view of his surroundings but he found himself unable to. He felt limp and his head ached. The last thing he remembered was driving around with Anna, being pushed off the road, someone screaming and then nothing.

He wished for someone to tell him what was going on. He knew he wasn’t alone in this room, he could hear the voices. He heard the whispers but he couldn’t make out the words.

He coughed before he tried to speak. But his voice was so hoarse that even he couldn’t tell what he had just said. But it must have gotten the attention of the others because he heard gasps from the other end of the room and footsteps rushing towards him.

“You’re awake,” said a voice he didn’t know.

He tried to answer but his throat was too dry. No words came out.

He felt a straw as it was pressed to his lips and he drank from it. It was water. Nice and cold.

He opened his mouth to speak again and this time he did manage to utter, “Where am I?”

“At the hospital,” answered the same voice.

“What happened?”

“You were in a car accident, sir,” said the voice that he assumed belonged to a nurse if this was a hospital.

“You didn’t suffer any serious injuries but you hit your head pretty hard. Don’t worry, we’ve already stitched you up, but you were out cold when you got here and that was three hours ago.”

A car accident. Yes that seemed right. Now that he thought about it didn’t he see the glimpse of a car driving past them right before he - that must have been right before he hit his head and lost consciousness. So some other car must have hit them. It was difficult to tell because it had all been a blur. He had been so sure he and Anna had been alone on that road.

“Anna!” he exclaimed. “Where is Anna?”

“I’m afraid she’s gone,” said the nurse.

He blinked a few times. Gone? Gone as in - he couldn’t bring himself to even think of the word. It was too horrible. He must have heard wrong. Yes, he definitely heard wrong. Because she couldn’t be gone. She was in the car with him but he was fine so she had to be fine as well, right? She had to be.

“Where’s Anna?” he asked again, louder this time. He was slowly regaining his voice.

“She didn’t make it.”

She didn’t make it. She’s gone. Dead.

“NO!” he exclaimed, trying desperately to lift himself from the bed. He was kicking wildly, trying to get rid of the bed covers. He tried wriggling himself sideways out of the bed but two pairs of hands stopped him, pushing him forcefully back into place.

“I’m sorry sir but you have to stay in bed. You need to rest.”

“NO!” He exclaimed. “No! I need to see Anna. Where is she? What have you done to her?”

“Please sir,” said a different voice, an older one, probably another nurse, “lie back down.”

“NO! STOP!” he exclaimed. “Get off me!”

The last thing he felt before everything went black again was a pinch from a needle.

The Roses got its title from the term Sixty-Five Roses, which is another way of referring to the illness Cystic Fibrosis, frequently used by American children. Each of the six love stories are inspired by this beautiful red flower.

The anthology can be purchased from Amazon, Createspace and Barnes and Noble. The price for the kindle ebook is 2,99 and the price for the paperback version is 10,50. All the proceeds will be donated to The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

© 2015 Wavie


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