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The Rulers

Updated on March 5, 2012

The Rulers

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

They swarm the earth, wallowing in their filth,

scavenging, taking whatever they choose,

and discarding refuse without care.

Everything they touch turns to dust,

everything they see of value is claimed.

They devour their prey with ferocity,

voracious and always wanting more.

They procreate at alarming rates,

their populations fighting for place,

unsustainable and angry.

They group for support and brawl

for greed and more control.

Death follows them,

offensives launched for territories,

soon create disharmony with all their clans.

Mistrust and hatred breeds relentlessly,

so they turn to their deities to save them.

Hatred is then given a clearer path,

difference and belief the focus.

Wars ensue and death reigns,

their purpose given to the darkest intents.

These creatures rule with force,

one another and the home they slowly decimate.

They are the superlative predators,

their darkness imparting heinous crimes and hurt.

But their conscience remains clear,

for they are the rulers of their domain,

imparting their will.

They are known as Humanity.


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