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The Sad Foreclosed House: An Ode To My Beloved Home

Updated on January 11, 2015

It Is So Sad To See These Houses Sit While They Wait For A New Owner To Care For them

It is so sad to see houses the bank has taken back from the owners. These were once beautiful, well cared for houses, but now the grass grows, the paint peels, and the rose garden dies.

I had a house like this once. It was heartbreaking for me to let the bank take my home of 35 years.

My family and I shed many tears for our house.

This poor neglected house sits abandoned while waiting for a new owner.
This poor neglected house sits abandoned while waiting for a new owner. | Source
A Don Juan Rose I once grew in my garden
A Don Juan Rose I once grew in my garden | Source
A sad homeowner walking away.
A sad homeowner walking away. | Source
This is my beloved house that I lost to Foreclosure.
This is my beloved house that I lost to Foreclosure. | Source

She was once the most beautiful house on the block,
People would slow down and admire her as they passed,
Her lawn was manicured at least once a week.
The weeds would be pulled from her flower beds.

Each spring she was treated to a facelift,
The old paint on her cracked face was scrapped away,
A brand new coat of makeup would be applied,
And her beauty once again would be restored.

She would look out with pride and love,
Through her sparkling clear window panes,
As the children ran and played in her backyard,
With their dog, Chubby, nipping at their heels.

In spite of her age, she was still quite lovely,
She stood very straight and proud,
Her walls held many precious memories,
Of the happy family that had lived in her for so long.

After many years of faithful, loving service,
The Master of the House lost his job,
The Mother had no skill and could not work,
No one could pay the price to save her.

The family packed up and left the lovely old house,
The Bank came and padlocked all the doors,
She stood there abandoned and all alone,
She longed to hear the happy sounds once more.

Soon thieves began sneaking in all during the night,
She stood helpless as they stripped her naked,
How could this be happening to her?
She deserved better treatment than this!

They ripped out her copper pipes to sell for what they could get,
The appliances were taken out of her kitchen,
The carpeting on all her floors was stripped away,
Leaving her hardwood floors cold and bare.

Their pickup truck was busy all night long,
Driving back and forth, they made deep gullies,
In her once green, trimmed beautiful lawn,
They had no respect for her at all.

When they finished having their way with her,
They added more insult to her many injuries,
By using cans of black spray paint,
To scribble and write foul words on her walls.

The once proud beautiful old house,
Now sits as an eyesore on the block,
Her hope is that another family will come soon and love her,
And the big, bad bank can never again padlock her doors.

An Abandoned Mansion

This must have been a beautiful mansion in its prime. Now it is abandoned.

Have you ever lost a house to foreclosure?

See results

© 2015 Mary Hyatt


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