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The Saviour

Updated on January 1, 2010

The Saviour

Lord Jesus,Abba Father!!!
Lord Jesus,Abba Father!!!

The Saviour

Daddy told me a story of the prodigal son
He also told me a story of David
One day, Mummy told me about king Solomon
In school,our teacher told us the story of Sampson
I heard about Jesus from the preacher
Their stories were so sweet that i always want to hear one.

One day i had a dream and was terrified
I was a little boy learning from my elders
But in my dream,i saw a man gladdened on white regalia
He had blood stains all over him and people were mocking him
He looked weak and sober
He looked thirsty and helpless
He was crying a big cross

I stood from afar and watched the crowd despise him
They were beating,spiting and hitting him
Some were throwing dirt at him
I felt sorry for him but could not help him
They got near a mountain and stopped
Everyone was chanting down at him
Then someone threw a spear at him

I felt the pain in my heart so i cried for this man
They nailed him to the cross and left him to die
I looked up and saw the blue sky turn Grey
The sun slipped away and it became cloudy
I wished i could save or help this man
So i knelt down and prayed to God
Because i remembered all the stories i heard

Then i saw a shinning face that looked like that of a man
I could not look at it because it was very bright
There was a crown on his head so i thought it was GOD
Help this man i pleaded but this image i saw which was God like

Turned away
Abandoned me
Tears in Heaven
Tears of the Angels

I watched this man die so i woke up terrified
I told Daddy my dream
I told mummy my dream
I told teacher my dream
I told the preacher my dream
It became my story

They all told me that it was the Savior and he died for me.
He gave his all that i might wake and tell my story
He died that i might live to write this today
He rose from death that i might be free from bondage
He gave his all and carried the cross for my salvation
He suffered for you and me

I saw the Savior
He died for you and me
He gave his all that we will be saved
Praise be to God our God.


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