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The Scole Experiment

Updated on June 1, 2013

by Christine B.

In 1993, in the Norfolk village of Scole, England four psychics embarked on an adventure that was to shake the world of the paranormal to its core. The venture was dubbed, “The Scole Experiment.”

The five year experiments took place in a basement room that had a table and four chairs around it. In the center of the table a new and unopened roll of 35mm film was placed into a locked box. The four researchers then sat at the table and meditated. Afterwards the film was removed and developed. Remarkable images were found on the developed film. Hand written poetry, at times in foreign languages, appeared. Some of the film strips had unusual pictures and symbols imprinted on them.

Video recordings were also done with the same amazing results. The camera was directed toward a mirror while filming. Unexplained figures, recognizable faces, and objects appeared in the finished video.

At one point a device was created to communicate audibly with the experimenters. The instructions for building the device was given on one of the developed film strips. The instructive film strip was initialed by Thomas Edison. Edison was working on a device to communicate with the dead before he died. Apparently he figured it out after his death and shared it with the Scole group. The device was constructed as instructed and it worked!

The process was watched closely and witnessed by many professionals in an attempt to uncover any fraud, and none was ever found.

A book was written about the experiment : THE SCOLE EXPERIMENT: SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE FOR LIFE AFTER DEATH written by Arthur J. Ellison, Grant Solomon and Jane Solo.


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