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The Search For Death

Updated on November 27, 2013

His life is ruined, all he see is death, but the blood is in his hands and only regret his friend.

"You have lost everything, what can you gain in search of me? I only bring death and despair."

He woke up from the darkness, another day, another life to survive. Adam Everett is not the man he used to be. He changed, from all the experiences that came to him. Blood in his hands, and with it a curse that cannot be taken away from him, unless he faces Death himself. He's been on the search for him, for years he tracked him down, it didn't matter who dies, as long as he is free of the curse and for the one he loves.

The curse is his life, his life is empty, he feels nothing, he searched and searched for a meaning to live but nothing comes in his mind, empty from all the despair and sadness, the suffering of his own soul. He cannot die, he cannot feel pain, he's a monster, yet he is still human in flesh. He has killed many, those who dare come his way, even the legion of hell cannot stop him in his mission. The burden becomes heavier, but the search is not complete, death is still at large, out there in the world.

He tries to avoid the innocent, but even how much he try they still suffer, they still die. He remembered the one he loved. She was innocent, she was living. He still remembers the smoothness of her skin, the smell of hair, the feeling of love. Death took her, carried her into the depths, where he cannot reach nor see anything. "Why not take me instead of her? Why Her!?" he said with all the hate and despair. " must live........" Then Death cursed him, with his own power.

He stood away from his bed. The search is still on. Adam knew, connecting the dots, different deaths from the neighborhood. There's a pattern that he follows. Drinking his morning coffee, it tasted bitter, but somehow he tasted blood. He looked around, the house started falling apart, he was getting pulled into Limbo once again. "Come and get me......." Adam said, calm and determined to the demons. They appeared, red from the blood of the innocent and the guilty, screaming, wanting more blood. Adam opened his palms, then darkness starts to cover him, twirling around him like some kind of tornado. The demons charged forth, but in a blink of an eye, Adam vanished them. The darkness that he controls, stronger than those of the demons master. He had the power of death and he knew that he will use it against him, the mistake that Death made, letting him live, giving him a power, that he know of nothing why he has done such act, confused him, but he will use the power against Death to stop him once and for all.

Following the trails of blood that Death left behind, Adam was closer to the edge. His fight could finally be over, after years of search his questions can finally be answered and his love be ever so fulfilled.

There in the graveyard, Death waited. He knew that he has an advantage, as he can control Death and give life to those who has lose theirs. He will use that to send abundant of minions against Adam. Adam will be outnumbered and outgunned, but this did not matter to him. He will kill Death and he will save his life and the one he loves. There is nothing more that he wants to achieve, nothing more that would satisfy his dying soul.

"What is it you want to.......gain, human?" Death asked him bitterly.

"I want you dead."

"HAHAHAHAHAHA........... You will....... give "Death" to me?"

"I searched for you and now I have found you, I will finish you, whatever happens."

Death summoned his minions after Adam. He was prepared, Adam thought. Once again he charged darkness around him, then all of a sudden a wave of darkness hit each of the minion and pulverizing them. "We ARE......... LEGION! You cannot........ kill us ALL....." One of the minions shouted at Adam. Death prepared his scythe ready to claim another life. More minions dashed forth to Adam, scratching him, hurting him. Blood came out from his wounds and he felt human once again, but he will not be denied. Darkness flowed, killing the remaining minions, and a sword came out from his hands. Death dashed forth, ready to claim Adam's life.

Adam found peace before his death arrives, but he will bring send both of them to hell. He charged his remaining power, all his despair, regret, everything. The burden was getting heavier, the blood of the innocent fueling his hatred against his enemy. Then a overload of dark energy flowed forth to Death. A big explosion of power and hatred flowed. The battle was finished.

Adam woke up from the darkness, another day, another life to survive. He found the scythe of Death lying in the ground, he found Death standing near it. "You're supposed to be..... Dead." Adam said with all his strength. "Yes I am now and I will now be..........replaced..............." Death informed Adam. Death gave him the scythe.

"You are to replace me............."

"No! Why!? I killed YOU!"

"Yes you did, but look at yourself, in your hands lie the blood of the people, people whom deserved to live............ Who can be a better replacement than the one who...........followed my footsteps?"

"The.......curse, it's not lifted isn't it?"

"I AM THE CURSE, ADAM......... I gave you a GIFT........ POWER............"

Death disappeared from the the face of Adam, leaving his scythe. He looked at himself, seeing of what kind of monster he had become, living year after year, taking lives of others, just to fulfill his selfish goal. Now, he became the thing he never wanted to be. Now, he is Death.


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