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The Search Ongoing

Updated on November 12, 2013
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The Search Ongoing

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

Her path all but touches ground,

delicate steps of an angel sound,

like the whisper of a breeze in tow,

of natures breath in surrender know,

and she a smile to melt the snow,

could touch a heart and calm a soul.

Her love imbues the coldest hearts,

redressing wrongs and inviting starts,

her manner open with founded love,

her actions sweeter than light above,

radiations sublime and bliss thereof,

an earthly angel, in kind betrothed.

And I in search of her trail of kindness,

with arms outstretched, from bygone blindness,

immersed in lowly physical life,

born of all desires and strife,

pleading still my heartfelt ache,

be quenched by a loving hand to make.

A life surrendered to a unity true,

a love respected and of sacrifice anew,

to quell the tide of uncertainty,

to know a life as I know just me,

and share each breath as it was the last,

and extract true bliss from this earthly pass.

Forever in my mind she walks,

the streets alone, in dreams she talks,

in words so soft and meanings profound,

in tears many realisations abound,

and I know she belongs to a soul as mine,

if only I could find her, our hearts entwine.

In time and space I wait, forever, for that one true soul, lost to me within this earthly life.


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