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The Sears Tower And Other Heights

Updated on January 21, 2012


A Monolithic Sculpture Ascending.


Like the finger of man,
it stretches towards God,
and even though
this wonder
falls far short,
it sears the skies
with massive splendor,
elevating common flesh
to hieghts only birds know.

It stands as a new testament,
A modern day tower of babble,
where folks can achieve
a lofty taste of glory,
in the cranium of its girth.










Enemy No More.



Have you ever
watched a man die?
That lifelight fading
in the failing pupils
of his weeping eyes.
Bloody lips whispering "Mom."
in a language foriegn to you,
yet still understood.
the high of the kill

dissolving into the low

of the realization

that you've taken a life.
His bowels emptying
the reek of death
into air you breathe.
Have you ever wished
that hard for peace?








The Grandest Of Band-aids.


If we could make
one big enough,
to heal the

wounds of hate,
wrap it gently
around bleeding souls,
then give each

time to mend.

A super massive

latex strip,
applied to bind

the masses,
as one with

one another,
scars would

disappear beneath it,
wars would end,
no one could bleed,
like a Cure ad
it would beckon,
all to simply

be attached
to the healing

of mankind,

its wrap of love.







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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Oh- I have a hub for SEARS.

      A giant band-aid for is needed. And glasses that will help all see. Thanks!