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The Seasoned Kings Daughter. A book review.

Updated on September 2, 2013
The Seasoned King's Daughter
The Seasoned King's Daughter

About the author

This book is written by my good friend Christie. It is written with humour and head-nodding statements so many ladies will identify with. The contents fall in the Christian Character stream. Christie is a character and a treasure. She is the friend of rather great people all over the world but she stays very real. She writes, hosts a TV program aired on different continents, helps young people, marriages and people in tough, 'life- stuff’. She is the author of a number of books which you will find interesting.

You can learn more about the author here.


There is a theme of seasoning which rides through the book on two definitions. One definition is the seasoning process applied to wood by exposure to the elements- sun, rain, and temperature tantrums.

The other definition is the seasoning process applied to making culinary dishes. Of added interest to the reader are the exotic insights into food from particular regions in Nigeria.

Proposition 1- seasoning makes you great:

  • You can’t win one battle and call yourself seasoned. You don’t put salt in water and say this is soup.
  • You cannot stand in the village square and claim to be the village wrestler unless you have wrestled all the men and won.

Proposition 2 - your seasoning can help someone else:

  • When I leave my house, I carry my tool box and I (start) walking. Then I meet a woman who says ‘I am so distraught because two years ago, or five years ago, I committed an abortion.’ I open my tool box and I see the abortion I committed twelve years or maybe twenty years ago, pull it out of the box and show it to her and say to her ...’

Proposition 3 - a seasoned person wins with wisdom:

  • I packed my bags one day and said to my husband ‘Please may I go and deal with your mother?’ He asked me ‘Are you going to fight?’ I answered ‘No, I made a vow many years ago that...’
  • ...My mother-in-law is my strongest ally in the family today!

Proposition 4- a seasoned person is content with the grass on their side of the fence:

  • He may be the poorest man on the street, but he is your husband. He may be the only one without a car among your circle of friends, or the messenger in his office, he is still your husband.

Below is one of the recipes in the book. Pretty exotic:

Recipe for OWO (A Bini soup from mid-western Nigeria)

You need:

Half a kilo of blended tomatoes

A teaspoon of potash

Dry pepper

3 stock cubes

3 cooking spoons of ground crayfish

Dry fish, dried large shrimps, snails and or bush meat


1 cup of palm oil

The author goes on to tell you how to make this finger- licking dish. An acquired taste for a few, possibly.

Seriously though, this book is food for thought. Enjoy.


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