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The Secret Law

Updated on March 23, 2012

In the inspirational film The Secret, Philosopher Bob Proctor puts forth the argument that "thoughts become things." Essentially, what this means is that our thoughts control and dictate what comes into our lives and how we ultimately choose to live our lives. This claim, that "Thoughts become things," is a claim of fact. It is supported by numerous teachers, philosophers, physicians and authors, all of whom support this claim with tangible evidence.

In addition to having factual evidence, the teachers of The Secret also appeal to the needs and values of the viewers. Everyone in the world wants the positives in life: to drive the more prestigious vehicle, to hold the higher paying job, to have the "perfect" relationship and to have access to and make possible, these things "quickly and easily." If attracting these positives is really as simple and easy as focusing on the positives in your life and having the positive thoughts be your predominant thoughts, it would be a realistic assumption that each and everyone of us holds the key to our own destiny. With these thoughts in mind, it is easy to see how The Secret is taking the world by storm.

With such a simple basic concept and with an outcome that is so rewarding, it is easy to see why this film is getting such mainstream attention and is so widely accepted. If each individual in the world embraced this philosophy by focusing on the positive, the world would not be so full of hatred, negative energy and people that lack the zest and drive for success. This would completely change the world as we know it. If each and every one of us focused on our circle of influence, what we can immediately influence around us, by focusing our energy on positive thoughts and ideas, and then positive things will surround us. Eventually negativity would be eradicated.

Tied in with the appeals to our needs and values the teachers have included evidence as well. One teacher, Bill Harris, a therapist amongst the speakers in the film, spoke of a student of his, by the name of Robert. Robert was an openly gay man, facing adversity in the workplace as well as in his personal life. Harris pointed out to his student all the passion in which he had focused onto these negative things. Instead, he directed Robert to revaluate his outlook and refocus on all the positives that he had in his life. In doing so, Robert was able to rid his life of the negativity, both at work and home, and lead a more fulfilling and rewarding life.

The speakers in the film use examples like Plato, Einstein and Shakespeare as being some of the few widely recognized individuals in history as being living, breathing examples and fathering the philosophy of The Secret . However, I did notice that there was some deductive reasoning used at one point in the film by the Philosopher, Bob Proctor. Proctor spoke of electricity, he said that no one knows what electricity is, but we still enjoy the benefits of it. What he is saying is not to denounce what we don't understand.

By bringing a Quantum Physicist to speak about how we, "can't have a universe without the mind entering into it," the speakers are trying to appeal to our scientific side. Everyone wants cold hard facts, and by using something that the common person doesn't have a full grasp on, like quantum physics, they fulfill our need for scientific proof without actually providing scientific proof. Another speaker, Rev. Michael Beckwith said that positive thoughts are hundreds of times more powerful than negative thoughts. It is assumed that we believe this notion and agree, thus making this claim factual.

The warrant of the film is that the speakers assume that the viewers believe that anyone who watches the film and embraces the claim will have good things happen in return. By assuming that we accept this claim and believe it, the speakers are able to tie the support to the claim. Author, Lisa Nichols, said, "What you think about, you bring about." This widely accepted view is the backbone of the claim in The Secret .

As previously mentioned, if bringing positivity into our lives is as simple as changing our thought patterns and refocusing our energies on the good in our lives, it is easy to see why this philosophy is so attractive to the masses. This is a concept that rings true in my heart as well. When you focus on the bad, and you dwell on the negative, you are only seeing the negative, bad things in your life. This negativity can be overwhelming and soon consume our whole lives. Of course this is true. If we all just refocused, and "stopped and smelled the roses," thus enjoying all the small niceties in life, our lives would be a more positive and uplifting experience for us to live out.


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    • elija_god profile image


      7 years ago from Abuja, Nigeria

      Nice hub! yes, the world is controled from our mind , We christians called it FAITH, (calling thing that are not as if they were)


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