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The Secret Life of Bees & The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Updated on May 31, 2014
The Secret Life of Bees Book
The Secret Life of Bees Book | Source
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Book
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Book | Source

List Of Parallels

· Both stories have Fathers that are not your ideal everyday dad:

Lily had a bad dad that would punish her for little things.

Huck had a drunken father who couldn’t control himself so he couldn’t take care of Huck.

· Both characters were adopted at some point of their story:

Her new family, August and her sisters, at the end of the story, adopted Lily.

Widow Douglas and Miss Watson adopted Huck at the start of the story.

· Both ran away from home with a former slave:

Lily ran away with her former slave, Rosaleen.

Huck helped Jim run away with him.

· Both stories were based during the civil rights movement:

Rosaleen could vote due to the civil rights act.

Huck had to run away with Jim or they would most likely hang Jim for leaving his owners.

· Both of the characters main problems got solved:

Lily forgave her mother and was able to move on without her dad bothering her.

Huck was able to live his life and move to the west because of how his father had died and there was no one to badger him about his money.

· Both found someone to help them along their journeys:

Lily’s was the Boatwright sisters, helping her find out about her mother and live her own life.

Huck was Tom Sawyer, helping him figure out everything at the end.

· Both realized that the former slaves were just as equal as everyone else:

Lily sees Rosaleen as a mother to her because of how she was the main woman figure in her life since her mom passed away.

Huck started to see that Jim was equal when he saw him crying over his children because he misses them.

· Both characters lied in order to accomplish what they wanted:

Lily lied to the Boatwright sisters saying her father died to learn more about her mother.

Huck lied to the Phelps’s saying that he was Tim to free Jim.

· Both didn’t have their real mothers alive during the story:

Lily’s mother died when she was younger.

Huck’s mother was never really motioned in the story.


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