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The Secret Life of Elephants

Updated on March 20, 2010


on tv in silence

the secret life of elephants with their

wrinkles in the driest mood of gray

stumbling, beasts too large for reality beneath

an even larger sky, across the plains on

their stumpy pillars

did you know elephants can swim


dot dot dot the tvs are blurred

down the aisle between the passengers

i’m behind the passenger who was

so nonchalant about holding up

the plane


the one who waited

for her to board, she is

the restless one, she doesn’t

know how to sit still or

to live without


she often calls the flight

attendant who is free to move

around but is annoyed of

the too many people who

are always needy always

wanting attendance


i fell asleep, in the murmur behind

the wing with the one yellow

light on the tip,

but it felt more like deadness

than resting, it was

not worth it


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