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The Secret Of Drive

Updated on January 5, 2014

Many People Do It Unknowingly

To break it down to it's core

It's the ability to do so much more

You activate your instincts and go with the flow

Reaching for an inner strength

Nobody can give it to you

You either have it or you don't

I keep trying to learn to harness mine

By watching my cat time after time

She chews a plant I have

I spray her lightly with water to deter her

She backs away and leaves

Then when the time is right she returns

Attacking the leaves once again

As if nothing I ever did meant anything

She stares at the plant

Carefully contemplating

I warn her worth a pssst

She knows what will happen

She knows she can do almost anything else

I have given her treats for being good

Catnip and even a branch for her to have

She loves the plant in the corner

Nothing is going to change her mind

Other times she will rest and sniff

Inches away she waits

Not going any farther

Just sizing up the situation and all her possible outcomes

I am amazed of her power

Quietly she sits

With such a perfect gift

In a world where we can have so many things

I wish you all drive

That you can feel with all your energy and passion

So many times I see and hear the word drive

But few use it for the purpose I have in my mind

Both so important

Both skills to be mastered with practice and patience

Drive on in a new direction

One that will bring you to closer to all your dreams


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 4 years ago

      Nellieanna I feel those hugs and raise you five more. Concentrating and focusing takes more time and saves a lot of wasted effort.No need to repeat something done the first time carelessly. DDE I realized long ago it is not the physical that we see that is important but how you managed to deal with every situation and to continue to try that means everything. So many accomplishments are hidden and only you and God know.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      My best wishes to for 2014. I hope you achieve many goals as possible.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 4 years ago from TEXAS

      Big warm hugs!

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 4 years ago

      Nellieanna Every time I breathe my day goes well. As I look into the unknown my head spins in a new direction and I know a world of passion will come to light. Gypsy Rose Lee I am sure it will. With all your effort and time things will finally take shape. Thanks for reading and exploring our new potential.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Ah, I sure hope this New Year brings me so much closer to my dreams.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 4 years ago from TEXAS

      I wish you wonderful days!

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 4 years ago

      Nellieanna You explained it so well in great detail.Thank you for sharing your insight and advice. Wishing you a wonderful day.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 4 years ago from TEXAS

      It's a subtle mixture of determination (or drive) and allowing the flow to move one to 'it' and 'it' to oneself! Too much determination will stifle the flow and too much languid flowing will cripple the determination. It's a balance and a mixture.

      One has something 'in mind' (perhaps as the cat has that plant in mind) and lets the pieces fall into place, making sure to 'be in the right place' when they do -- - or else to regroup and go with 'plan B'. haha.

      I think, though, that the most precious secret is having 'it' within one at all times so that 'it' is never to be missed, it is always 'there' and so it simply attracts some of these other things, like a magnet attracts shards of iron to it. The other things are more peripheral. If it's 'there' inside, one is never far from all the dreams, nor is one dependent on them.