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The Seed of Hardship - Chapter 17

Updated on June 11, 2011

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Chapter 17

Kristel was lying on the leather examination table in the Ob/Gyn examination room. Her feet were in metal stirrups and a sheet was draped over her knees. The friendly, grey-haired nurse, Dinah stood at Kristel’s feet and Dr. Boas took his seat on a stool between the stirrups. “I heard you haven’t been feeling well,” he said.

“I can’t be pregnant,” Kristel told him. “It’s impossible. My husband and I haven’t even been even getting along for… a while now. I promise, you nothing has happened.”

“Your hCG levels say otherwise,” said Dr. Boas.

“Those must not be my test results. The lab made a mistake.”

“Perhaps,” said Dr. Boas, “But to be sure, we need to do an internal.” As he began putting his gloves on, he asked Kristel whether or not she was comfortable. Kristel just gave him a cross look but refused to open her mouth to respond.

Dr. Boas began the examination and Dinah commenced her casual small talk, trying to loosen Kristel, who had become tense again. Kristel wasn’t as open to conversation as she had been before but she still talked to the nurse. Dinah’s goal was to keep Kristel as relaxed as possible and she was doing a good job.

At last, Dr. Boas called Kristel’s name. Not liking the earnest tone in Dr. Boas’ voice, Kristel tightly closed her eyes. “I would like for you to come back for a—”

“Don’t say it,” Kristel said, immediately sounding very tearful.

“Kristel,” Dr. Boas called. “Listen. I want to get you started on prenatal vitamins right away but you have to cooperate.” Kristel shook her head as a tear ran down her cheek. “I’ll contact Dr. Mitchell and let him know that we need to take you off your ACE inhibitor prescription A-SAP. It’s safe for breastfeeding but…. We’ll see.”

“This is not happening,” Kristel muttered to herself. “Dr. Boas, I don’t know what you see down there but I am not pregnant. I can’t be.”

“Alright, Kristel. I would like for you to stay for a sonogram. Or you can go to lunch and return within a few hours.”

Kristel put her arm across her eyes and took in a shuddering breath. “Drink lots of water. I’ll put the appointment in now. I’m almost sure there is an available slot.”

Dr. Boas began walking away, preparing to take his gloves off. “I’ll be right back,” he said, discarding the glove in the garbage near the door.


As soon as he left the room, Dinah took over again. “At least your mind will be at ease once you find out for sure,” she said, gently placing her hand on Kristel’s knee. Kristel slowly sat up, looking extremely burdened. Her eyes were wrought with worry and apprehension, her lips pursed together.

“You’ll be okay, honey.”

Kristel shook her head. She was too afraid to open her mouth; she knew the waterworks would be released. She slid off the recliner and began walking towards the curtain. Without saying a word to Dinah, she went behind the curtain and began getting dressed again.

“My second pregnancy was a total surprise. I remember that well,” Dinah continued. She stripped the disposable lining off the recliner and began walking to the door to discard it. “My husband and I were only planning to have one. But then, along came little Timmy. I was so upset but as the pregnancy proceeded, I fell in love with him. You will too.”

“I am not pregnant!” Kristel loudly insisted.

“You may not have had any symptoms but your clinical results are pretty obvious, honey.”

Kristel sat down on the gurney behind the curtain and covered her eyes. “I’m not prepared for this,” she tearfully said.

“You will be,” Dinah positively said.


Hours later, Kristel was sitting on one of the comfortable leather couches in a patients’ lounge. Tori sat beside her, sipping hot coffee from a Styrofoam cup. Kristel had already consumed large amounts of water and was tapping her foot rapidly against the tiled floor in an attempt to distract herself from the pressure now weighing on her bladder. “You okay?” Tori ask her.

“I really need to go to the bathroom,” Kristel replied. She stood up from the couch and began pacing back and forth across the small room.

Nurse Dinah entered the room as cheerfully as she was during Kristel’s earlier examination. She looked at Kristel pacing back and forth and asked, “Ready?”

Kristel felt her pulse quicken but she nodded her head. She looked to Tori but she didn’t even need to ask her friend to come with her. Tori stood right away and followed Dinah and Kristel out of the room. They walked down the hallway to a sonogram room. Kristel thoughts were racing as she entered the dimly lit room.

“You can hop up onto the recliner. I’ll get Dr. Boas,” Dinah told her.

Kristel nodded and began slowly walking towards the recliner. She climbed up onto the recliner, covered with a white sheet, and lay down. She closed her eyes and tried to do some deep breathing exercises to calm her nerves. Tori remained silently comforting at her side.

After a few minutes, Dinah re-entered the room with Dr. Boas in her wake. “Ready?” Dr. Boas cheerfully asked. “Let’s see the final piece of evidence.”

Kristel felt her heart skip a beat. Dinah approached the sonogram machine as Kristel grabbed Tori’s hand. She kept her eyes closed as Dinah instructed her to lift her shirt. Kristel obeyed. As Dinah squeezed the clear transmission fluid onto Kristel’s bare stomach, Kristel kept her eyes shut while Tori kept her eyes glued on the sonogram monitor. Dinah pressed the sonogram probe against Kristel’s abdomen, searching for signs of an embryo or foetus.

Dr. Boas looked at the monitor with Dinah then he said, “… interesting…”

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    • kaltopsyd profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Trinidad originally, but now in the USA

      Hello Pat,

      It's nice to see you here. :) No, I've never worked in a hospital (I hope to do so in the near future). I started watching medical shows when I was like 9 years old and I've worked as an EMT (with a rescue squad). Maybe that helped?

      I don't know why doctors ask that question. Maybe they have to. Especially an ob/gyn. Who can be comfortable in that situation?

      I don't think I've ever sat in a comfortable chair either actually. Some hospitals here have it though... if you're lucky. :D

      Thanks for commenting!

    • 2patricias profile image


      7 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

      You really know how to pile on the suspense! This episode in the hospital builds tension - and your description of the medical deatils is so accurate.

      Have your worked in a hospital?

      I have too much experience of being the patient's relative (only sometimes the patient). Why do doctors always ask if the patient is comfortable when everything about the situation is alien to every day life? You've certainly included a good detail there.

      One cultural detail - your characters get to sit on a comfortable leather couch. I have never been in a British hospital (NHS or private) with comfortable chairs!

    • kaltopsyd profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Trinidad originally, but now in the USA

      AC, you make me laugh! It will be cool to make Ethan and Kristel meet though. haha. Fun idea! You shouldn't put such ideas into my head, you know? ;)

      I'm interested in what you think so... I'll talk to you in private. hehe. You find about Kristel's condition in chapter 19 I think. Not too far away... :)

      Thanks for commenting!

    • ACSutliff profile image


      7 years ago


      I am with Kristel on this one. She can't be pregnant.

      I know what happened! :p But I won't say anything here, so that I don't ruin your awesome cliff hanger.

      Great job writing Kristel in her distraught position. I could really see how everything is starting to crush her under the weight of grief she's feeling. It's overwhelming her.

      Oh, and ACE inhibitors means she has either had heart problems or simple high blood pressure. The heart problems is more exciting. Does she have something wrong with her heart, just like Ethan? Maybe the two of them could meet and chat over lunch about how much it sucks to have heart failure. :)

      Great Hub!

    • kaltopsyd profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Trinidad originally, but now in the USA

      Miss Kalto! lol. Sorry, Marvalous one! "Tune in" next time! Thank you for commenting so soon!

    • marvalousnj profile image


      7 years ago from Central Jersey USA

      Ok Miss Kalto...... "interesting..." that's how you are leaving me. Oh boy this is too much tension. However I will be patient and wait for the next chapter. Very engaging chapter. Thanks


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