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The Seeming Inequity of Change

Updated on February 16, 2012
Our universe in constant change
Our universe in constant change

The Seeming Inequity of Change

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Change is like an angel with wings unfurled,

a gift of knowledge not yet acquired.

A gift of deviation and opportunity to explore unknown quarters,

change although arduous, can at times deliver us to the truth.

Change is given when we cannot see, stuck in our cosy hives,

complacent with our accumulations of pride and judgement.

Stagnant may we remain through stubbornness, only to be compromised

by the hand of change, dragging us to new destinations.

Resistant we may be to face the unknown, it is best to accept challenge,

rather than be forced at the hands of inaction, to move faster.

Change is but the flow of life, from birth to death,

as effortless as nature’s loving embrace.

Following this master true can transform life, open possibility,

begrudging it can impair and create walls of hardship.

So when change is before you, embrace it with faith and allow wings

to take flight in dreams, and be found by truth.


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