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Learn To Successfully Market As A Self Publishing Author

Updated on December 20, 2015
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Mr. Matthew Q. Dawson is a native Texan. He spent his childhood and young adulthood residing in Austin, Texas.

How to Format Your Book for Publication

As a self-publishing author gaining exposure is never a simple task and unless you are consistent with your effort you will never see any type of financial gain.

This blog is intended to help the self-publishing author advertise untimely gaining a high level of exposure avoiding the high cost.

There are many ways to promote your business without spending a fortune. Think outside the box. Most people notice things that are different, something that draws their attention or even makes them laugh.

Build an affordable 5-page starter website. Nowadays it does not cost much money to build a website and experience is not needed because the software will do much of the designing for you.

Utilize free online software to build advertisement banners to post throughout the internet. When building your banners make them flashy, use vibrant colors to catch the reader’s eyes. Offer something free if it is a free e-book copy of your book to the 50th person who joins your Facebook page. This will drive traffic to your websites henceforth increasing your chances of gaining exposure and sales.

On any emails that you send out you should have implemented your book (s) U.R.L on it. By doing this you’re doing three things:

1) You are increasing the chance of possible sales

2) You are increasing your position on the search engines as the crawlers are recognizing your U.R.L’s in your emails as back linking

3) You are building exposure and a following each time the reader of your email clicks the provided link.

Make sure that at least once a day you put your book (s) link on your social network page. This again is a two part gain for the self-publishing author:

1) You are increasing the chance of possible sales

2) You are inserting a back link which increases your search engine visibility ranking (S.E.O)

Offline you want to develop flyers and hand them out. Go to your local library and spend time with the other readers there letting them know who you are. Talk to them about your book and offer them one of your flyers with your websites U.R.L on it.

Search the internet for an affordable designing company in which you can purchase 200 or 300 pens or writing tablets, bumper stickers, coffee cups are sure to add your authors name and logo on it. Also, be sure to put your website U.R.L on the notepads, pens, bumper stickers, coffee cups.

You can usually get pens or tablets at an affordable price online if you just search the net. Hand those out to people you know or even people you cross just happen to cross paths with.

You would be surprised how many times you will spark up a conversation just for handing a pen to someone.

Participating in online discussion forums is an excellent way to get the word out about your business, and it is free. Build relationships first and use your signature file to let everyone know what you do and who you are.

Send out a monthly newsletter keeping your readers informed on the success of your writing projects, your future signing venues and other activities you are doing within your community.

Do a monthly content for your readers and followers; utilize your Facebook wall and your website to notify your followers of the contest. Post frequent updates about the contest. Keep people interested (Building a hype) about the contest. Add the additional sporadic item that you will be giving away in an hour this will keep your followers interested in keeping coming back to your website or fan page on face book.

You will be surprised to how many sales you will gain. When using the word free, you will catch the eye of many people just because everyone likes getting something for nothing. So be sure each time you add an update or notification about your contest to include your U.R.L this increases your chances of someone clicking it and possibly purchasing one of your books.

The last thing that I want to talk about is something that many self-publishing authors never do: Purchase your own online store. You can control your own prices and you will own 100% of all of your royalties. You can also ask other authors if they would like to sell their book (s) on your online store. You can charge them $5.00 a month hosting cost and have your online store paid for without it costing you very much.

Also, by asking other authors to sell on your online store, they will help you build traffic to your online store (again gaining exposure without you having to do extra work)

Though these are just a few ideas I can tell you if you use them they will help you increase your chances of sales and also gain you a stronger online visibility.

You may want to check my other hubs here on Sundaymoments as I have a lot of resources and information that will help you succeed in your writing and marketing venture.


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