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The Services rendered When Love Dies.

Updated on November 22, 2009

The Services Rendered When Love .....Dies.




I have laid out

the death of her love

in a respectful and

mournful manner,

washed the tears

from the stilled eyes

that once held so much

admiration for me,

dressed it in fine remnants

that highlight all that it was,

embalmed it with

the passions drained

that once filled

my veins to bursting,

and realized that any

makeup would be artificial,

and not worthy of what

once was lovely to view.

Now I encase it in tiny

hollow of gold plated hopes,

tarnished when removed

from my weeping heart,

but reserved for her alone,

I bury her deep

in the loam of the past,

and plant flowers

over the grave

to hide the ugliness

of what has forever been lost.

I have raised a marker

here as a warning

to all that love is

fragile, and can

be gone in an instant

so cherish it's beauty

as if tomorrow

all that you hold dear

would just as quickly be lost.


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