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The Sexiest Males In Contemporary Erotic Literature

Updated on December 6, 2019
Priya Barua profile image

While pursuing a rather tedious subject called law, Priya Barua still tries to find time to follow her passion for blogging.

I have to confess that this was a difficult list to make considering the number of books that boast such sexy heroes suffice to make you weak in the knees and swoon over their dialogues. Nevertheless, I tried, and here I have put forward a list which you might disagree to, but then, you’re welcome to voice dissent in the Comments section.


1. Malcolm Saint

Manwhore by Katy Evans

Blond haired and green-eyed, multi-billionaire Malcolm Saint tops the list. While the storyline of the book was distractingly hollow, the author did manage, and if I may, very well manage, to drive home the physical brilliance of her protagonist’s lover. It’s not simply how he’s described or the dialogues he’s allowed to say, it’s the overall appeal that she gave him; all sexy and playful – a bit sassy, damn classy, always dressed like a Wall Street banker (relax, he’s not a banker) and smooth, too smooth like melted butter sliding on a titled plate. I suppose the green-eyes were also disarming (I have a thing for green eyes) and all that, topped with a physique to put David to shame, Malcolm Saint very nicely snatched the first position.

2. Jackson Rutledge

Afterburn and Aftershock by Sylvia Day

This character of this author makes me go eeeeeh. He’s got a hotness level to set aflame a metropolitan and leave a train of devastated women in its wake. He’s got a delightfully titillating sex appeal that makes your toes curl. His words, so fancy yet deeply raw makes you want to shut the book and replay the scene in your head until slowly you replace yourself with the heroine. Umm-Hmmm…he’s that sexy.

3. Hudson Pierce

Fixed series by Laurelin Paige

I believe because he has a streak of an uncharacteristic asshole, manipulating people like the pawns on a chess-set enough to make Blake Carrington proud, is perhaps why he is in the third position. He’s got a good taste; he likes smart women not like the others, settling for ill-paid damsels in distress. And while we are at it, I should also enlighten you about the hot piece of shit he is. Yeah…throughout the trilogy, he is every bit of a manipulative shitbag, but then when the guy’s that sexy, you tend to forgive him like our protagonist did, after which you get used to it. He is also heart-stoppingly good-looking and mind-numbingly rich. That makes it all the more easier to like him.


4. Max Stella

Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren

Aaah…a quintessential British multi-millionaire with an accent to die for, isn’t that we all want? If all strangers you picked up at the bar were this sexy, I would be picking them up left and right. Except that the place where I am doing my collegiate is slightly averse to allowing something like…say, for instance, a bar to operate. Never mind. Max Stella is open-minded (if you know what I mean), tags along the importunate demands of the protagonist, and for a change does not have an abusive past or daddy issues. What a relief! Perhaps I should have put him in the second position. Just a thought.

5. Callan Carmichael

Womanizer by Katy Evans

He’s handy in the kitchen, and he knows his wine (I know, all the multi-billionaires just happen to know their wine), but then he’s got a playful charm which is more appealing than an average person like me could possibly handle. He’s an awfully stuffy guy at work but outside of it…oh yeah, ya'll guessed it. He has got this whole Malcolm Saint charm going on, but then again, it is the same author…who might have done some better work with this stand-alone book than her Manwhore series. But we’re ranking men here, not books, and Callan Carmichael very much deserves this position.

6. Jack McLachlan

Beauty from Pain by Georgia Cates

The book introduces him as an awfully Christian Grey type weirdo looking for a girl on a contract basis. But thankfully, unlike Christian Grey, Mr McLachlan is more than normal with a humorously ordinary family background and a string of spiteful ex-lovers who seek to draw his attention by burning his businesses to the ground. Literally. This man has a type: attractive, mature and refined, none of which categories I fall into and he expects a woman to have all three. What a classy prick! But then as possessive as Gollum is about the ring, this man can rage a fire in any girl’s heart.


7. Theodore Beaudine

Call Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Philips

Not technically an erotic novel, but Theodore Beaudine has been drawn with enough precision to put him on this list. He is that cool, composed guy – mayor of a small Texas town and self-made millionaire or was it, a billionaire? I forget. I think because of this contrast with the other men on the list, Beaudine definitely draws one’s attention. His calmness is unnerving and his sense of duty and obligation would make old grannies clasp their hand and sigh in delight. And of course, he is damn good looking, with tiger-quartz eyes. The overall appeal of the guy was a level of refinement which perhaps I mistook for sexy, but nevertheless, he is on the list.

8. Caine McGregor

Tempting Fate by Nora Roberts

A sweet romance novel, nevertheless, the man here is anything but sweet. A classic blond-haired Adonis, Caine McGregor’s fiery temperament and subtly charming comments soothes into the reader’s hearts. He’s a Harvard grad lawyer; a distinctly renowned one, the son of the millionaire and a surgeon, the brother of a Senator and a brother to a casino owner. Quite a family to boast about. But then on an individual level, he’s damn sexy a man to mess with.

9. Gideon Cross

Cross series by Sylvia Day

Oh, yes…this man crept into the ninth position. Personally, his physical description, although very delish, didn’t catch my attention more than his demeanour did. Damn sexy that man; the way he talks, his blunt, crude comments which should have been very offending if it weren’t equally hot. And the way he carries himself like he owns the world (he doesn’t) and the ultra-cool three-piece suits that he puts on that makes the girl’s heart accelerate. Not mine. His dialogues are fine enough for me.

10. Braden Carmichael

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

What a horrible asshat, this man, but his Scottish accent is enough for me to turn a blind eye. He’s a rich businessman in Edinburg, filial issues, yes, and enough hotness to melt the mug I am currently holding. Perhaps, it’s the way he talks, without an ounce of refinedness; how he possessively flicks his eyes all over his girl, how that level of possessiveness instructs her never to leave her hair open in public…quite the asshat, isn’t he?

Which of the above is your favorite?

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So that’s where the list ends. Do mention who your favourite hero is.

© 2017 Priya Barua


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