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The Siege

Updated on November 21, 2009

 "You're the King and you know it."

This is what he says to you.

He knows. You don't know how, but he knows.

This is what he brings his legion for.

The end. You know this is the end.


"We will accept no conditions of surrender."

This is what he says to your army.

But you have no army. None at all.

You are alone behind your castle walls.

The end. You know this is the end.


"I challenge you to a duel. To the death."

The Black Knight unsheathes his sword to present the challenge.

But you have no sword. None at all.

Your only weapon is love. Deadly, but only to you.

The end. You know this is the end.


The Black Knight dismounts.

He hastens forward.

He trips and falls upon his own sword.

The catapults launch . . .

The rocks crumble against your walls.

Your enemy's spirit is shaken.


This isn't really the end . . .



"Bring her forward."

This is what he says to them.

"Tear out her still beating heart."

You see your Queen brutalized,

Beaten into ugliness.

You shed a single tear.

Like a thousand year tidal wave,

One tear destroys your walls.

The end? No, this is just the beginning. 


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