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The Significance of the Rapture

Updated on October 19, 2011

The Rapture and What it Means to Me

Believers are expecting that the Rapture will occur soon. The rapture of the people who are believers in Christ has been recorded in the Bible and is one of the steps leading to the second coming of Christ, as prophesied more than two thousand years ago. It was written in the scriptures making up the Holy Bible by followers of Christ.Paul is said to be the disciple to record this. It was placed there to signal that those who accept Christ as their savior, also accept God as their Creator. It is to be a time when God "brings His people home",as is mentioned in hymns and spirituals. Those who have followed His Son, who gave up His life for them, so that they would be forgiven of all sin, will be brought into the Kingdom of Heaven to be with their Creator and His Son Christ, who now resides with His Father. It is said that the dead in Christ will rise first and then those of us who are believers, will be taken into the bright light of heaven to join the saints and God. Our bodies will be changed and we all will be together with others in Christ.

After the rapture, the Antichrist, or the great deceiver, will appear and lead the people left on this earth into the future Armageddon, slated to occur after those who have been misled by evil will witness death and destruction and experience all of the horrible pain of famine, disease, and human suffering. Armageddon is said to occur when the nations of the East and Middle East battle those of the western regions. Although the United States is not mentioned in name, it is thought by many to be included and the countries of Europe and Israel will war against China, Russia and Middle Eastern nations in the greatest battle to end all battles, the world has ever seen. This in time leads to the Second Coming of Christ and gathering of the people who have been saved.

Christ is to come on a great white horse and be the true King that now will reign on this earth for a thousand years of peace and happiness. Those of us who have been saved and follow Him will abide here with our Savior.

If you were as God or the Creator of the world, would you want to bring evil and warring people into your kingdom as a filthy garment brought into your home, or would you want the true believers and those washed in the blood and cleansed by His Son? This is the essence of the Rapture and the bringing together of the true believers of God and His Son, Christ Jesus. God sends His twelve tribes of Israel as saving angels to gather his people before the world is finally destroyed in final calamities and destruction. The evil people that will not be saved, although given the chance to be, will be left to face the final days and all that befalls them.

The great men and the meek will cry out in remorse and pain in the final moments of their lives because they have chosen the wrong path and lived in evil.They will see Christ riding His white horse and coming to His people. Evil begets more evil and finally death and destruction. Have you witnessed as I have done, that the very wealthy people are seldom happy and most of the time they are busy trying to acquire more wealth. Greed is most often behind evil acts. If life is led in an over whelming sense of aggression and evil acts, how can this lead to true happiness and people who are satisfied in their lives?

The Rapture is the salvaging of God's people and those that will continue his future world full of peace and caring for one another. This is what our Creator wanted for us in the beginning and this will finally come with the Second Coming of God's Son, Jesus Christ. It is up to each of us to make the decision as to whether we will follow Him or be lost. What will you do?


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 6 years ago from United States

      I have not been specific in some areas of the scriptures of the Bible in mentioning all of the written works. I did want to describe my own interpretation of the Rapture and convey it to my readers.