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The Signing Of My Retro Manifesto.

Updated on January 23, 2010


The Signing Of My Retro Manifesto....

I am through with all things modern
I am shunning new age toys,
I will live with only retro
from when I was just a boy
I will sign a manifesto
it will have to be on tin
all enameled and hand painted
that will last till 3010
no more cell phones,
no more beepers,
just a fan to cool my air
no videos or d.v.d.'s
I'll watch sunsets when they're there.
back to pay phones for a nickel
just pull in, and make the call
back to full serve at gas stations
wash my windows, check it all
no more presidents who butcher
boys for oil, overseas
gasolines two bits a gallon
fill er up, yes, thank you please.
back to good old soda fountains
ice cream stacked up to your nose
not gelatto or some yogurt
tiny portion, six ounce dose
no more cable with ten thousand
channels I can daily surf
how much of my life was wasted
hunting much with little worth
no more messages or voice mail
just an operator who
will connect with me in person
and will always get me through.
mo more online hours bending
over screen and keyboard placed
I'll write all my poems on paper
to delete I will erase
no more high speed, fast food cooking
microwaved, all dried and dull
no more sore feet from the weary
hours shopping endless malls
just home cooked meals slowly simmered
with the richness left intact
small town stores and Mom and Pop clerks
not some pimpled rude faced hack
slow life down and make it simple
spending hours with out aids
I'll do everything by hand now
and be proud of what I've made
no more fancy smancy gadgets
they just take up lots of time
life for me will move much slower
and each minute will be mine
it's my retro manifesto
it's been festering a while
my trash cans full of tommorrows
and my face is full of smiles
back to days when things were simple
and a whole lot more got done
lose that hot tub, where's that hammock
warm my bones stretched in the sun.



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©-MFB III


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    • pbwriterchick profile image

      pbwriterchick 8 years ago

      sounds like a good idea to me :)

    • Artamia profile image

      Artamia 8 years ago from GTA, Canada

      *****GREAT MANIFESTO: """I'll do everything by hand now

      and be proud of what I've made..."""

      Digital "Reality" will never BE a REALITY... i think...

      When I work with clay, I feel happy.... and doing pottery, for me; replaces psychotherapy consultations... and it's cheaper... (o;)