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The Silent Scar

Updated on October 21, 2016

The Silent Scar

Drop by drop the color red fell,
Every drop with sadness gave a yell,
But his lips never uttered a word, not a sigh during his demise,
The boy was long gone, the boy with a king's heart and talk wise,

Looking at the scene, what happened, any one could tell,
But even after he slashed his wrists he didn't even gave a yell,
That was when the flashback talked,
Revealing a nervous boy silently along the college walked,

The silent boy one day met a girl,
Who just by a look made his life curl,
He was intoxicated by her aroma, captivated by her looks,
She stole his heart, with a kind smile, while carrying her books,

He used to love the way her raven locks covered her face,
With a voice as pleasant as harp,
And her walk with an angel's grace,
And a slit of her hair, that around her fingers she wrap,

The beautiful girl's heart with his heart met,
Their union causing him to his nervous self forget,
She gave him the talent of a writer and the charisma of a bard,
Then one day as a cruel gift, she handed him her wedding's card,

The wedding ceremony proceeded, and she looked happy to be free,
The smile he fell in love with, and started an unstoppable thought spree,
With blade in hand, and her memories in his mind did clash,
He didn't even flinch, while his wrists he slashed......


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