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The Sleepy Horrow Legend by Irving Washington

Updated on August 24, 2017

The conflict between Ichabod Crane and Brom Bones in the story by Washington Irving.

The sleepy hollow legend written by Irving Washington is a short suspense story with a theme of horror. The story is chiefly focused on the strong desire of Crane Ichabod to marry Katrina Van despite stiff competition from various suitors including Brom Bones. Nonetheless, Ichabod does not succeed in his endeavor to marry Katrina, and he decides to disappear into the forest, only to counter a headless horseman, which eventually devours him. From my perspective, the tone used in this story is suspenseful and mysterious. Also, the author has used a spell binding, chilling and horror tone throughout. Further, the sinister tone present in this article is created through the detailed descriptions of Ichabod’s selfish motivations, brooding disposition, unsightly appearances and the eerie. From the way the story is crafted, it appears that Irving is interested in exposing the dark and peculiar side of Ichabod. The suspense is created by the rich folklore, dense forest, and foreboding.


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