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The Smart Woman

Updated on March 16, 2017

The forest, full of an abundance of creatures. She always took a morning jog through it down familiar paths. Every day was the same, and although it was a bit dull she enjoyed this time of the day. It was calming for her to feel a fresh breeze while she ran.

Today seemed different somehow. It took her a bit, but eventually she began to realize what was wrong. There was a distinct lack of birds calling out to each other. Despite the warmth of the summer, the wind seemed to take on a chillier side as well. This caused an uneasy feeling to churn in her stomach, tempting her to end her run earlier than usual.

Yet she told herself that she was making excuses to be lazy. Still, each step forward felt forced and filled with regret.

She came to a stop after some time. Her sides were beginning to cramp, but that wasn’t the reason she had stopped. Instead, she found that fear was preventing her from pushing any further. For some unknown reason, she was terrified.

Just as she was about to make the executive decision of turning around, something further up the trail caught her eye. A young girl stood there, her back to the woman. Even with all the fear she possessed, she knew that she could not leave this mysterious child alone. If something dangerous was out here, she would feel guilty if something happened to this girl without her there.

With a sigh, she jogged forward. “Hey,” she called out. “Hey, are you alright?”

The girl didn’t respond. Instead she turned a little and took off into the woods.

Racing faster to catch up, she stopped when she came across where the girl had once been. She could now see that the girl had taken off down another trail. Except the woman could not remember this path ever being here.

This woman was a smart one though. Either that, or she was a coward. Nonetheless, she turned and ran home. Reports began to surface of disappearances in those woods. She avoided those trails from that day forward.

Life was happy for this woman, for she hadn’t fallen into any traps or paranormal attacks. Smart or coward, it didn’t matter for she was still alive.

© 2017 Alexis Chantel


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