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The Smile Spray

Updated on September 23, 2013

Smiling Can Change Your Mood

Dana Feels Grumpy

Dana woke up to her parents arguing.Listening to them made her feel grumpy.

“I don't feel like going to school,” she said to her mother. Dana dragged herself to the bathroom. “Why do you and Dad argue so much?' she said as she slammed the bathroom door.

“That's what parents do sometimes,” Mom said. Dana came out of the bathroom dressed in a striped green and yellow top with checkered black and red skirt. “Those colors don't match.” Mom said.

“Who cares?” Dana said acting grumpy. “When I grow up, I'm going to become a scientist,” she told her mother.

“Why? Asked mom as she changed Dana's blouse.

“I'm going to invent something to help people be nice to each other,”

“Sometimes,” mom said putting another skirt on Dana, just smiling can change a person's bad mood and make them feel better,”


Davin Gave Dana a Hug

“I'll call it the Smile Spray,” Dana said. Dana pretended to hold a spray bottle and squirt a mist at her mother. “Spss spss,” she said. Mom broke into a huge smile. Dana kissed her mom and headed out to catch up with her friends who were walking to school.

“Hi Miss Maxine,” Dana said to the school crossing guard, Miss Maxine frowned as she motioned her hand for the children to cross the street.

“Lets get going!” Maxine said.

“You look like you can use my Smile Spray,” Dana said pretending to spritz her. “Spss, Spss” Maxine burst into a wide smile.

“Thanks Dana. I needed that,” she said.

Davin join the crowd at the last block before school.

“Who are you looking at?” Davin snapped in a crabby voice.

Dana grabbed her Smile Spray and spritz davin.

“What are you spraying?” Davin asked ducking.

“My Smile Spray,” said Dana. Davin gave Dana a hug as they approached the doors of school.

Mr. Johnson

Mr. Johnson glowed with a smile

Mr. Johnson, Dana's second grade teacher appeared to be having a bad start to his day. He kept trying to fix his glasses on his face, but, they always ended up lop-sided. Dana started to do her bell work.

“Good morning boys and girls,” Mr. Johnson said. He went to get the attendance card on his desk, plop! His glasses fell off his face. The teacher groaned. Davin jumped out of his seat and handed the teacher his glasses,

“you need some smile spray” he said. “Spss, Spss”

Mr. Johnson glowed with a smile. Soon the whole class was smiling.

The teacher walked the class to the cafeteria. Harry the school's janitor rushed around the corner and ran right into Mr. Johnson.

“Excuse me,” Mr. Harry said grumpily.

“It's all right,” said Mr. Johnson, putting his hand on Harry's shoulder. “Spss, Spss” the Smile Spray started to surround Harry's face. Mr. Harry hurried into his office and shut the door. A short time later, Ms. Jannifer, Harry's assistant peeked in the door of his office. Mr. Harry was leaning back in his desk chair smiling. Ms Jannifer put work orders on his desk. As she left she moved the air that whisk away some of that Smile Spray with her.

Mom and Dad

Ms. Jannifer Passed On The Smile Spray

Ms. Jannifer passed on the Smile Spray and an apple to Madison who had a headache. Then Madison shared the Smile Spray with her best friend Crissy. Crissy shared her smile with Sadie, Tori, Cheryl and Champ during free time. By the end of the school day, smiles had spread throughout the school.

Entering the door of her home Dana heard her parents arguing again. “Mom,” Dana shouted as she entered the room. “Spss, Spss” she sprayed some smiles at her mother. One smile appeared on Mom's face. Even Dad began to smile.


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