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A Snake in Our Midst

Updated on September 22, 2017
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Sheila's a kids' picture book author. She loves to share her moving children's stories with her readers!

A Ferocious Snake Was in the Patch!

Emily must assure  her cousins shoo the fearless snake away before he eats their bunny!
Emily must assure her cousins shoo the fearless snake away before he eats their bunny! | Source

Did You See the Snake in the Garden?

I was standing on the edge of my colorful rock garden, and sowing beetroots, as my cousins were making rows in the ground to plant celery stems.

Suddenly, I heard a hissing and murmuring echo and felt something smooth stroke my bare legs. It hastily vanished.

Is it, an adorable bunny or an angry snake?

I poked another hole in the soft soil to fix my vegetables, and before I could lay hold of it, it magically vanished into a fragile breeze.

“Did you see a snake in the patch?” I murmured to my cousin who was standing by me.

“No Emily, but there is definitely a cute bunny hanging around us,” he claimed.

“Perhaps, if you hoist a few beets with your gardening shovel you might trap the sweet, hungry bunny,” cried one cousin to another from a distance.

The Snake Ate All the Beets

“Come on Emily, why don’t you try to catch the lovely rabbit in the garden?” My cousins cried.

“I am too busy trying to frighten off an ugly snake lurking in the garden, to think about catching a sweet bunny now,” Larry hollered.

“There is no sign of an awful snake in the garden. You’re daydreaming, Emily!” all the cousins claimed.

“I am not in a fog! I am certain there is a ferocious snake eating my beets. And the horrible snake will suddenly shock you!”

One cousin grew weary of gardening since she could not see the innocent white bunny!

“I don’t like to hunt rabbits for house pets,” she wept, “they are too fast.” And she moved to join Larry by his rock garden.

Even So, the Creepy Snake Fidgeted in the Ground

My cousins were rash, to the peril of the ferocious, hideous snake prowling my plot.

Nevertheless, I continued to gape at the movement of the ground as they dug and noticed every beet-root peering out from where I stood. And I hoped to trap this sinister snake raking at me once again.

As I gawked at, I perceived a crowd of salient, pasty birds flying among the peaks of my soaring oak trees that lined the borders of my regal yard.

Plus, I saw a grand, yellow bird that looked like a delicious turkey with long legs moving at a snail's pace. It pecked across the far end of my backyard looking for nourishment.

Every so often, this bizarre bird stood silently and swiftly pierced into my beautiful flower garden to catch a harmless butterfly with its deep bill.

I witnessed this witty bird guzzle a tiny, helpless butterfly. It remained to hunt, for more feeble butterflies to devour. I wanted to stop it!

Even then, I could hear the creepy snake fidgeting on the ground, and I yearned to scare him away with a fire from my long wooden rake.

Nevertheless, the eerie snake dodged my swift swings, and my beetroots only continued to wane.

The poor little bunny was in danger of being eaten by a hideous snake!
The poor little bunny was in danger of being eaten by a hideous snake! | Source

A Tender, Sweet Bunny Was in Peril!

As Larry raked and swept the ground one last time; the gruesome snake tactfully came out of hiding. It slithered and crawled toward my cousin who was chasing a bunny on the other side of the garden.

The snake headed straight for her basket of yummy celery sticks!

The ravenous snake swallowed every stalk of celery as my lovable cousins looked on with a stiffening fear. And the tender bunny was in grave peril!

After that, the pious, black snake quickly leaped on a tree branch and swung around and deftly crept into a single hiding place in the garden thicket somewhere. It intensely peered and hissed at the bunny.

Howler, I suppose you have a tip, Emily! Thither is a hungry snake hiding in the garden eating everything in sight. It might devour our tender bunny next.

The Snake Let Out a Hiss and Boo

Now, we must devise a way to trap and save our little bunny from the ferocious snake's gnaw, since he devoured all our celery and your beets,” said Larry's sweet cousins sadly.

“Why don’t we distract the snake with these long sticks and try to tray it to go into this garbage can. Then, we can rapidly shut the lid! Later, my dad can easily send him to a wilderness area away from here for good,” said Emily.

Finally, the children captured the nasty snake with a special trash bin.
Finally, the children captured the nasty snake with a special trash bin. | Source

The Snake Was Ensnared in a Large Trash Tin

“That sounds like an excellent idea, let’s grab our sticks to corner the dumb snake,” called everybody.

They dug into the bushes until they discovered the dreadful snake hissing and booing. Then they jabbed and tapped their long sticks around and swiftly ambushed it. They placed it in a yawning trash tin until it could be taken away.

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© 2012 Sheila Craan


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