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All about a father....

Updated on April 29, 2015

From the very fisrt day,

when a child appeared,

in this beautiful world,

he found it very strange,

and gradually life-circle,

made him very close,

to his mother.

As soon as, the days,

of childhood passed away,

he, for his amusement,

and necessities,

found himself,

in the binding of relationship,

with his beloved father.

When he used to go,

outside with his father,

holding only his father's ring-finger,

being unaware of the traffic,

unaware of any fear,

because he was,

well aware of the fact,

that his father is with him,

and nothing adverse,

will be done to him.

When he became teenager,

he, due to changed circumstances,

and atmosphere,

of his newly built friendship,

thought that he might do better,

what his father did for him,

if he was free,

to decide his future.

When he was well settled,

after getting married,

he had his own family,

thought that the old, and

retired creature of this world,

known as father,

was nothing, but,

meant only for pointing out,

the mistakes,

whatever be done by him.

Oh ! his misfortune,

his father was no more,

he reached to the age,

of the middle of his life,

being depending upon,

his self created and,

so called experience,

he found himself surrounded,

by several unseen problems,

due to his ammeture working,

of himself and ultimately,

he realized,

the necesity of his own father,

who, the well experienced person,

was infact,

capable to pull him out,

from the deep well,

of his self created problems.

But he has now,

no more opportunity to awail,

he has only to face and,

be exprienced person like his father,

but has no courage,

to teach his children,

not to think, "as he thought earlier",

in spite of,

his eagerness,

to tell them,

all about of him,

and the necessity of his father.


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