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The Song Of Eternity

Updated on November 3, 2014

You see a rock
just a cold dead thing
What value could there be
in things that cannot speak?

I see an ancient soul
softly whispering its story
so few notice the wisdom
embossed silver on its surface

It speaks of its birth in fire
roiling magma spewing from mother Pele
blazing across the land leaving traces
of youth, wild and bright as the sun

This was before life itself
before amino acids were thrown together
in nature's tantrum, a fit of lightning

This soul has seen it all
It supports the world above
relishes in the triumphs of proud oak patriarchs
listens to the wind's confidential sighs in the field
cries with the pouring rain

Remnants of epochs long gone sing in its grains
memories of fantastical creatures it used to know
a leaf transformed to carbon, a legacy
of friends found and lost to time stepping forward

It has gone through intense changes
Pressure and heat would meld it into strange forms
sometimes it would resurface not knowing itself
but it always retained its essence in marks of fire

Sometimes it would languish near the beach
drawn by the inevitable pull of ebb and flow
it quietly fell to pieces battered by salty air
some would come back, some lost forever in the deep

billions of sunrises giving way to sunsets
pages in a book flickering by
we make a period, an ephemeral dot
but this soul will still be there in revelation
watching and observing time ever turning
living every joy and sorrow and love and death
and you say it is just a rock
you are deaf to the song of eternity

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