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The Songbird- A Poem

Updated on November 7, 2011

The Songbird's heart is broken,

she can no longer sing her sweet song.

Sadness surrounds her,

she feels she's in the wrong.

The Songbird's wings are broken,

she can no longer fly high.

Society has caged her,

all she can do is cry.

The Songbird's spirits are broken,

she can no longer be free.

Society has beaten her,

when really she's just like you and me.

I wrote this poem while exploring the different ways poetry can be written. As you read other pieces I have written you will see I was always trying to find the best form for me to write in. As I learned about various poets in school I attempted to make their style my own, trying each one on to find my own style.

The Songbird talks about someone being forced to behave as society expects. She is a free spirit who could soar much higher than her peers but is not permitted the chance to do this because society has already chosen a role for her to play. She is beyond fighting against the current, trying to escape the role she has been placed in, now she sadly sits and watches her life go by. She has no zest for life, no excitement about living and learning. All of that has been taken away from her as she is told what to do and how to do it. Nothing creative or unique is fostered within her and she has grown to become a shell of what she was supposed to be.

I believe that children are forced into conforming more than we would like to admit. Children are expected to conform and meet standards the standards we set rather than being allowed to explore and interact with their world in their own way. Without an individual path how can we really expect our children to grow to meet our expectations? When a child is told what to be interested in, either a sport or a specific interment, how can we believe that they will grow into the person they are meant to be?

I challenge you to inspire your children to explore their world and become creators of their own destiny. Simply sending them to school and letting teachers teach their lessons is not enough to inspire a creative mind. Children must go out into the world and see new things while their minds are young.

Take away the video games and the television. At first this can be once a week, a specific day where they must read or go outside and play. They will resist if they are not used to doing this, as I have seen many children simply lost once away from their technologies, but this needs to happen! Has your child ever seen a night blooming flower burst into life under the moonlight? Have they ever seen the dance of the dragonfly over the calm waters of a lake? Have they ever hiked through the woods and were startled as a Red-tailed Hawk jumped into flight? The wonders of the natural world can not be replaced by watching a documentary on nature or reading a book about it. It must be experienced first hand to inspire your child to explore even farther. Inspiration is what drives our children to become a creative force in the world, rising up to fly high and singing their own songs. Inspire your children to be more than just a good student, inspire them to find their path to individuality.

© 2011 Aimee


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Thanks for expressing your ideas. I'd also like to cevnoy that video games have been ever evolving. Better technology and innovations have assisted create practical and interactive games. Most of these entertainment games were not actually sensible when the concept was first being used. Just like other styles of technological know-how, video games also have had to develop by means of many generations. This is testimony on the fast progression of video games.

    • phdast7 profile image

      Theresa Ast 

      6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      I really liked this a lot. Short, fairly simple structure, but full of meaning. I like that you work with different styles and approaches; there is variety in your work.


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